Repetitive Kindness


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Scene Title Repetitive Kindness
Synopsis Ewan gets a hold of Abby who has another attack of kindness.
Date February 5, 2009

Confucius Plaza - Abby and Alexander's Apartment.

Lots of boxes.

Texted to Grace: Bearer of phone needs Ferryman help. Evolved, foreign, young, homeless. Anything appreciated. Staying at my place for two weeks. I trust him. Sincerely, Abigail.

The thing about riots, unexplained bombings and what have you, is that public services don't function too well. However. Ewan has done the impossible, and found himself not only a functioning payphone, but enough coins to actually make a call, too. And what with being back in the more 'main' parts of New York, and not having half a clue as to where is safe to actually try and get a handout, he recalls one of his wierd meetings of late, the one that actually had him move out of the way of badness.

Abby's phone should start to ring now, with whatever tune she has installed, with a boy on the other end, offering prayers to whatever gods might be listening that she gave him her own number and not a fake one. It's not like he has an endless supply of coins.

It is her number, though it's the fourth ring, just before the machine would pick it up that Abigail, fumbling for her cellphone, some pink affair, and a groggily answered "mmello" can be heard across the digital line. She'd just gotten in, when normal people are heading to work, deposited her ass in her bed in china town. She only answers because frankly, it could be an emergency.

On his end of the line, Ewan makes an effort to sound cheerful, despite the obvious sleepy-voice he's greeted with. "Hey, Miss Abigail?" There's a brief pause, where she'll get a chance to at least grunt in an agreeing or disagreeing fashion. "It's Ewan… I stole the keys to your bike and you told me to get out of town?" Well, if she's anywhere as tired as she sounds, her memory might not mind a little help to remember.

"Vegetarian guy" She's got a thing for names and faces. "Safe to come back" slowly surfacing back to coherency and the land of the waking. No rest for the wicked it seems. Or even the not so wicked. "You had enough money?"

Ewan grins wryly, tucking a hand in his pocket, for a moment looking just as young as he can feel, sometimes. "Yeah, Vegetarian guy. And yeah, thank you, I managed just fine. I caught some of the news coming out, so… thanks." He owes her one. Possibly two, for waking her up, just now. "Listen, I'm not gonna keep you up, if you were sleeping and stuff, just… I kinda figured, you said there were places. To go." Options. "…figured I'd call, see if you know if there's any of 'em left?"

'Was at hospital, healing people. Just got home umm.. yeah.. there is. For people with .. abilities who need some help, they can help you disappear even" Who does she give him to? Grace? 'Tell you what, I don't know who exactly to send you to. Is there a number for them to get a hold of you?" He can hear her scrabbling through a drawer for something.

There's a brief little beep on the line, and then the noise of change scrambling down a slot, and Ewan sighs a little. "Not really. But I can be places. Like, Central park, noon. Or something. I know there used to be a shelter, downtown, could go there. Just figured… don't wanna take no chances. Bumped into someone the other day, told me to be careful. People I know that… can do stuff, should be, too. Don't get caught. Something about Home Sec. Figured they'd be keeping an eye on places like that."

"Can you.. get down to Chinatown? There's a place called Confucius Plaza. Just look for Stephanie Tarkin. Hit that buzzer, if you do it now I can help you" She's awake. Awake and not going to sleep, but that's fine, she slept some at the hospital and she'll sleep on the plane home.

Ewan hesitates a moment, and then nods quietly, taking a moment to realize that she can't hear that. "Okay. Chinatown, Confucius Plaza, Tarkin. I can do that." He pauses, and then comes the inevitable question, "…friend of yours, that?" Horrible young kid, calling and waking her up, asking for help and then having the nerve to be a little suspicious. But then again, he didn't get this far by not asking questions.

"Friend. you can trust her. Just head there okay? I'll be waiting there. be safe, stick to main roads"

"Okay. Thanks, I'll see yo-" *click* goes the line, and it doesn't appear that he wants to spend another coin purely for pleasantries, not when they already have gone through the important bits. He'll see her soon enough, anyway. A bit of a hike, down to Chinatown, so it will likely take a while, but he'll get there, eventually.

A while in which Abigail sets her alarm clock for an hour from now and lays down to doze. The cat though has other plans and plops up on her chest, from where she was at the end of the bed. So by the time Ewan finds the place, there's coffee made, already a cup consumed, some sandwiches made, do vegetarians eat peanut butter and jelly? If not she's got some apples and fruits and vegetables, some other things for the people who will be coming in and out of here to take care of Scarlett and Pila.

Ewan seems to have made it across town from wherever he was, because there eventually is a knock on the door. It's sharp, following a careful staccato. The smell of food and coffee on the other side are enticing, but it would seem the boy wants to be sure it would be the right apartment he's attempting to break into, at least.

No breaking in, though three locks undone later after peephole peeking, there's Abby, ushering the guy in. Boxes everywhere indicate there's moving in, or moving out happening. "kitchen. Welcome to my home. Have a seat" She's wrangling the cat, keeping it from going out the front door and Pila chirps from her cage at the new occupant of the apartment.

Ewan blinks a little at the disarray, and once he's ushered inside and the door can be closed to keep the cat inside, he is going to give Abby a slightly concerned look. "…is this a bad time?" he asks, of course making no move to actually leave, now that he's here, but if she is busy, he can make his visit brief as needed. He peers towards the cage and its inhabitant, though, somewhat curiously.

"No, no, it's not. i just moved in. Stephanie Tarkin is me. It's my fake ID. I needed to live off the radar. My registration stuff states me as homeless and I've told them I'm living off of the good grace of friends" Who 'them' is is up in the air. "I'm flying out later, going home for a few weeks. Come here" She's pulling out a disposable pay as you go phone. It's been turned on, activated and a handful of 20 dollar cards in an envelope are laid on the table. "So you can get a hold of them. I have a few of those. Friend makes sure I do, I'll give the number to my other friend that I know and they'll get a hold of you on it. Sit, eat. I'm awake, I can sleep on the plane. Ewan, meet Scarlett, Scarlett, this is Ewan" The black cat is introduced to the younger evolved.

Ewan nods, "Doesn't sound like a bad idea, having another name to go by." Then, as Abby presents a phone, he arches an eyebrow slightly, eying the cards. Then he's going to do something he doesn't do a whole lot of. Dropping his bag on an empty space on the floor, where the cat isn't, he's going to grab Abby up in a hug. Granted that she doesn't mind and fight it or something like it, it's not going to last more than a second or two, but still.

Stranger, stranger stranger, hugging her. It's a little awkward and she pats him back gently before he lets her go, scarlet having jumped for safety from her arms. "Okay. you know, a phone never quite warranted that before. It's just, you know, to make it easier for someone to get a hold of you. Umm.. I got.. coffee and I don't know whether, you know, you eat Peanut butter sandwiches with jelly, or you know whether vegetarians don't eat peanut butter" Consummate Hostess. "you uhh.. you need a place to stay until they get a hold of you?"

Ewan looks a little sheepish, lifting a shoulder slightly and settling for focusing on the cat for the time it might take for the awkward to go away. "Sorry." he murmurs, and then actually looks up, a bit of a grin on his face again at the mention of peanut butter. "Trust me, I'll eat anything. I just try to keep the vegetarian bit when there's a choice… But it's not like I'm going to be picky." Regarding a place to stay, he shrugs again, "I have spots to sleep, little places… know a couple of shelters. Just figured, you know, like I said, I should check if they're still up and runnin' before I get my foot stuck in something bad."

"I'm gonna be gone two weeks. There will be like two people coming in and out of this place but i'll let them know that you might be here. Might as well get some use out of it while i'm not here. They'll be checking on the cat and the bird, but if you need a place to stay that's warm, no cable, sprry, but tons of DVD's. I don't think my roommate's gonna be showing up anytime soon" in other words, here's a safe place to crash for two weeks. She moves to pour some coffee, her third, and offer him one. "I already texted them, from that phone, they have that number. They can find you a safe place to stay. Avoid the trailer park, stick to main roads and I think, don't pick pockets. Seriously, there's that test thing now. If your not registered, they'll drag you in. Not worth getting caught Ewan"

Ewan snorts a little at that last thing, running a hand up through his hair. "Yeah, you're telling me… I tried to pick a badge from a cop, the other day." he murmurs, and then moves to take the offered coffee, looking around at the place, then kneeling down to offer his hand out to the cat, in case it wants to sniff at his fingers. "She let me go, obviously, but… yeah. When the big idea is to hide, it seems getting caught is a bad idea to being with, so… I guess I won't be picking all that many pockets, anymore." Narrowing down on options to get money.

"These people will help you hide Ewan. They might even be able to help you get a job. They've helped me a few times when my apartment was compromised and I needed a place to stay, or something. Really. You can trust them. Some of them might be imposing, but, they're good people. Think like, the underground railroad, but for evolved" Scarlett's interested, she's young, still within kitten hood but not the tiny ball of fluff kitten. She's making sure to rubt he side of her face against him, mark him.

Ewan doesn't seem to mind having the kitten marking him, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he moves his fingers up on top of her head, rubbing her ears lightly. "…you realize, I owe you, right? I mean, you don't even /want/ something for this?" Come on, there has to be something. People just ain't this nice, not for no reason. He sips at the coffee, and then looks up at Abby, waiting for her response. "Once I come across cash, I'm gonna pay you back."

"You don't owe me anything. I don't want anything. It's a bad time to be evolved, or gifted out there, and even more when you don't have a place to go or money or anything. I don't belong to the group, and I don't belong to the group that was partly responsible for whatever happened at all those places you see in the news. I'm just someone.. in the know. My gift is used indiscriminately, and without care to who it is, just that I'm helping. I can help you, by getting you in touch with these people and maybe, maybe you'll pass on that help. Some people, aren't bad, they're just a victim of their circumstances and if people actually stop to help these people" Abby shrugs, and Scarlett ramps up her affections, her purr loud and constant. "Use your cash to buy more phone cards. You can't do anything these days without a phone. I don't have much time here, I need to be meeting up with my ride to the airport and still have to go hit up work, I forgot my tips there and i'll need them, but, I can give you the key to here, just give it back when I'm back, and the room with the cross above it is mine, change the sheets when your visit is up. Don't let the bird out of the cage, Teo or Magnes will take care of that. I'll let them know you might be here"

Ewan frowns a little, not in disapproval, but as if he's trying to apply a new sort of pattern to his thoughts. It doesn't really fit, but still, it sorta looks… familiar. He sighs a little, finally, smiling faintly as he gets back up on his feet, canting his head at Abby. "'kay." he murmurs, and then sips at the coffee. "It would be nice to sleep in a bed." Just for once. Twice, maybe. "If you're sure no one's gonna mind me crashing here, I'm… thankful. Merci."

"No one will mind. I told you, I'll tell them you might be here, and that your a friend. There's sandwiches and food, and drinks " She stands up as well, finishing the coffee. "I gotta go Ewan, last minute things to do"

Well, that's one way to get a place to stay. Ewan peers at Abby across the rim of his cup, and then nods. "Alright. Well, um… thanks. Two weeks, I'll not break anything, you'll get the key back when you get back." he agrees, finding himself rather surprised, but also thankful. He's not used to this sort of thing, but he should do… something. "Um… fly safe?"

'Fly safe" Abby answers back, going about and getting her duffle bag, bungee cords, and her pink jacket. "Lock up when you leave" pointing to a set of keys hanging by the door. "Shot gun behind that box, shells are in that bottom drawer" and with that, the blonde's up and leaving, heading out the front door. "Behave Scarlett! Leave Pila alone!"

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