Report A Theft


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Scene Title Report a Theft
Synopsis Patrick finds himself still stuck in Isis's body and finally tries to get some outside help - the Police.
Date July 15,2009

NYPD Headquarters

The New York Police Department Head Quarters is an old stone building, rennovated many times over the years. The plaster walls are not as cracked and in need of repair as the various Precinct buildings around the city. The fluorescent lights give the room a rather sterile glow. Old posters, civic reminders, duty rosters and newspaper clippings are tacked up on the walls, rustling every time one of the doors opens. A high, wooden desk sits on the north wall, manned by two clerks, who records all visitors and arrests.
The way out to the street lies to the south, while doors to the offices of the Head Quarters lie to the northwest.

Paperwork. Paperwork sucks so bad. Fel looks like a dog confronted with a plate of uncooked broccoli, as he contemplates the report glaring at him from the screen of the computer on his desk. Do not want. He's a hunt and peck typer at best, which mean this is going painfully slowly, despite the cup of coffee near his elbow. Since it's a hot day, and he's not out and about, his suitjacket is on the back of his chair, though he's still wearing the shoulder holster - one doesn't take it off while on duty, clearly. He's got his glasses off, and currently leans back in his chair. One of the SCOUT detectives wanders by, and notes with barely concealed schadenfreude, "You're on the crazy filter next Ivanov. Calls and desk all afternoon, remember?" Fel pulls a horrible face. "Sure. I bet you five bucks someone tries to tell me where Hoffa's buried." The detective retorts, "Not taking that bet, Feeb."

Aude's coming through, paperwork, get her shit back and get her schedule figured out. No uniform, but just regular old clothes. It jsut so happens that her travels are putting her path just past Ivanov, big box of donuts and pastries in hand and a scowl on her face.

After almost two days of trying to get back onto the set, into the hotel, or any chance to speak with Maxwell, Patrick has resigned himself to the fact that security around the set and his friend are too tight. Trapped in this strange, tiny, redhead's body, he had no other choice. He needed help. He needed someone. Anyone. The police.
Patrick puppeteers Isis's little body in through the door, combing back small ladies sanguine locks with a bit more frustration than your average woman would show her own hair. With a heavy sigh the female form steps up to the counter, rapping her knuckles awkwardly on the surface. "Excuse me? I need some help." The man within the woman's body is obviously restless, awkwardly swapping the body's weight from one hip to the other, wringing her hands from time to time, and constantly pushing back those annoyingly long strands of hair.
The desk sergeant is a slender Asian man, who peers over it at her. "What sort of help do you need, ma'am?" he wonders, politely, as Fel comes ambling up towards the front desk, out of the cube farm where the SCOUTs are kept. He offers Aude a faint smile as he passes.

god, probably a hooker who got beat up b her pimp, or maybe her boyfriend is missing. "Donut?" Offered up to Felix, if only so she can stick around. She needs some entertainment, Aude is itching to get back on duty and she's soooo close.

The little redhead cringes visibly at the feminine title, brown gaze flickering towards the source of movements that draw Felix closer and Aude across the room. "I'd like to report a strange theft. This isn't my body." Patrcik lifts the woman's hands, wiggling her fingers towards the people as if this would prove anything worthwhile. "Someone has stolen my body. My real name is Patrick O'Neill." As the woman begins to speak her motions become notably more anxious, as if to voice this issue aloud only caused further discomfort for the man trapped in a woman's body.

Once upon a time, a statement like that'd've earned the speaker a trip to an asylum. This being the brave new world of the brotherhood of mutants…..not anymore. The desk sergeant's eyes dart to Felix, who nods, steps around the desk - after waving away the donut. "You've been body-switched?" he says, with calm curiosity, but no incredulity.

Power switching, body switching, body snatching. ohhh this has the markings of something Danko might very well like. The donuts are put down, - yet, immediatly picked up by others - and Aude hangs around on the fringes of the conversation for now.

"Yes." The little woman offers with a wink of hope lilting her voice and widening her dark eyes. Patrick turns Isis's body to look upon Felix, pulling her hands back in to wring one set of slender fingers within the other palm. "I was walking down the street and this girl reached out to touch me. She stared at me for a minute, grinned, and then next thin I know I'm looking back on my own body being whisked off by my crew attendants. Can you help me?"

"We'll see," Fel says, quietly, and motions him back around the desk. "C'mon," No reason to have this conversation out in public. To one of the uniforms passing, he notes, "Get me a fingerprint kit." Leading the way to one of the interrogation rooms, he says, "No idea who took your body?"

"I'll get the kit" She'll also have someone run the name and see what comes up. "Want an evo kit too?" Aude inquires, ready to take off and fetch the needed stuff.

The little woman's shoulders slump with a slight sense of relaxation as she falls into line behind Felix, following after the officer. "Not personally, no. But, she's got a wallet here." Patrick conducts Isis's little hand towards a back pocket, tugging out a brown, worn leather fold. He pinches her license out of the wallet and wrinkles the lady's nose as he reads off the name. "Isis O'Conner." He offers forward the body's identification towards Felix, idly thumbing through the rest of the wallet as they walk.

"Get me info on Patrick O'Neill. We need a picture of you to put out for the APB," Fel explains to the body-switcher. And then he notes, with a gimlet stare, as he opens the door to the room, "And nevermind the kit, since we know whose body this actually …..nah. We'll verify, just in case. Might come up with false names," he says, correcting himself. "Evo kit in case we need it. You Evolved/"

And with those instructions, the petite riot curled officer is gone, off to get the tests signed out, and get someone to look up this Patrick o'neills.

"Yeah. I'm registered. Light and sound illusions. I can't seem to use my power in this body though. It's as if it isn't here," Patrick offers, Isis's naturally soft, alto tones strained with a bit of frustration. He glances a last time towards Aude's disappearing frame before slipping into the opened door and looking around the room within.

Felix notes, rather drily, "And let me remind you, if this is a hoax, that has legal penalties as well. What is it you do?"

Patrick folds Isis's body into the first available seat, grunting as he pushes her tiny hands at her wild curls, only to massage at the line of her thin brows. "This isn't a hoax. I swear it," he offers, slightly perturbed. After all, this situation was uncomfortable enough. He shifts awkwardly in his seat, trying to situate the body towards a masculine posture of resting one ankle on the opposite knee before bracing his hands to the thin armrests. "I'm a stuntman. Here on business," he states plainly, looking back up towards Felix.

"Any idea why this woman would steal your body?" Fel says, calmly, sitting down across from Patrick/Isis. "And that'd make sense. You're in her body, not your own." He frowns, suddenly extends a hand to Isis. "Here. Weird as this sounds, try and jump into this body." Maybe it transfers. Maybe she's just stuck.

Patrick lets Isis's dark gaze flicker from Felix's offered hand to the gentleman's face, and back again. "No clue," he murmurs in response to the first question before tentatively reaching out. He recalled well the discomfort and pain that came with this body swapping a few days before. He winces as he claps Isis's tiny hand into Felix's, and… Nothing! Absolutely nada! So far is does seem a bit of a hoax. Patrick grunts and withdraws his fingers. "Sorry. Maybe I just don't know how to work it…"

Thank god. Felix really doesn't want to know what it's like to be a woman. "We'll put out an APB with your picture on it. And look up records for this Isis O'Connor."

in comes Aude. Evo tests in hand and a printout for Felix. A grim look on the face of the petite officer. "And here we are. I just need a hand, or a finger at least, so we can confirm" Breaking out the gloves and the little pen injector so she can go through the process of cleaning and jabbing a finger.

"Thanks so much," Patrick offers with a heavy sigh of relief, even while looking back towards the creek of the door. He flashes Aude a smile which might have proven charming on his rightful features, but ends up soft and awkward on the female ones he now wears. He offers out his hand and looks back to Felix. "Is there anything else I can do?"

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