01/24/2021 -- Renautas-Weiss CEO to visit Yamagato Park

January 24th, 2021

BERLIN, GERMANY — In the wake of Yamagato Industries CEO Kimiko Nakamura's death, the CEO of Renautas-Weiss Evolved Nanotech, Cecilia Weiss, is expected to make a rare international visit to Yamagato Park some time in March. Renautas-Weiss revealed news of the visit in a call to investors on Friday. According to sources within Renautas-Weiss, Yamagato Industries Interim CEO Hayate Kawahara extended an invitation to Weiss in the days following his assumption of CEO duties.

This news comes hot on the heels of Weiss' hostile acquisition of Renautas Industries—a then subsidiary of Yamagato Industries—in November. It is unclear what Kawahara and Weiss will be discussing, but the two companies have both made massive leaps in bleeding edge technologies in the last five years. A joint venture between the two corporations could provide Yamagato Industries with the necessary capital to expand their Safe Zone initiative with the United States Government.

Weiss' announcement also comes with controversy. US President Joshua Harding came down hard on Weiss' development of anti-expressive technology in a press conference just last week. Presidential Press Secretary Lenora Aguilar delivered the President's rebuke of Weiss' technological developments as "supporting authoritarian regimes that seek to oppress Expressive rights."

It is unclear what impact on Yamagato-US relations this visit will have.

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