02/01/2020 -- GOP Hopeful Noble And 375 Others Arrested For Illegal Fighting Ring And Abductions

Associated Press
Feb. 1, 2020

NEW YORK— Presidential hopeful Louise Noble and nearly 400 others were arrested Thursday for the alleged abduction of 20 SLC-E individuals, one suspected murder, and several other crimes related to the running ofan illegal fight ring aboard a cargo ship offshore.

A multi-agency task force comprised of members from SESA, NYPD Scout, and Wolfhound ran a sting operation, recovering the two most recent abductees. Several people were injured and there were three casualties when the alleged perpetrators fought back against the agent, said SESA agent Veronica Sawyer.

"The entire operation seemed to be just a game devised for their entertainment, where they kidnapped SLC-E individuals off our streets and drugged them, forcing them to fight one another," Sawyer explained.

The drugs forced upon the abductees included adynomine, amphetamine, and two other unknown substances that chemists are working to identify. One of those arrested was Biel Cordero, CEO and founder of the Barcelona-based pharmaceutical company BioViva, and is thought to be the creator of the unknown substances as well as the adynomine.

"Whatever the drugs are, they seem to have given the victims amnesia when it comes to remembering the incident," Sawyer explained.

Louise Noble, one of Republican candidates for the election, was the most notable of those arrested. She has not given a statement though her lawyer, Lawrence Sterling, said that they will be fighting the charges. "No one can prove she was anything other than an innocent spectator."

Anyone guilty of helping to run an illegal fight club can be charged $1000 and serve up to a year in jail, according to state law, but the abduction and involuntary participation of the fighters makes the charges more complicated, said Jaime Rojas, Brooklyn College Law Professor. "There are animal cruelty laws making spectating at animal fighting rings illegal for even spectators, but not for human beings," he said.

Many of the 350 people identified as spectators, however, have been charged with illegal gambling and other crimes, including possession of illegal substances. Of these, 325 have made bail.

Noble and Cordero, among the guards who some of the spectators identified as the abduction teams, have been denied bail in a strong statement by the presiding judge, Winston Chen.

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