02/04/2020 -- War Criminals Missing from PISEC

New York Times
February 4, 2020

NEW YORK — A joint press conference was held today by SESA and the US Department of Justice regarding the February 2nd explosion at the PISEC facility on Plum Island. SESA PR Director Alice Shaw confirmed there were casualties as a result of the explosion, including SESA employees and contractors as well as facility guards from the Department of Justice. In addition, the Director reported, "At this time, there are a number of persons we can only identify as missing while we continue the investigation." It was also revealed that a helicopter located outside the facility was stolen shortly after the explosion.

The Department of Justice announced a number of prisoners are also missing following the explosion, and entreated press and the public to be on the lookout for these individuals: Donna Dunlap, Bruce Maddox, Odessa Price, Kyla Renautas, Richard Schwenkman, Mohinder Suresh, and Pete Varlane. All listed prisoners are war criminals sentenced at the Albany Trials. Any suspected sightings can be reported at the number listed at the bottom of the article.

When questioned if the PISEC incident could possibly be related to the Liberty Island terror attack that occurred late December, both agencies could neither confirm or deny a relation. Security footage could not be retrieved to confirm if outside forces played a part in the incident, and no terror groups domestic or international have taken credit for the explosion. The DOJ cautioned against immediately assuming Mazdak involvement, citing an increase in radical acts by Pure Earth at the end of 2019. Director Shaw reassured that regular operation of PISEC would resume as soon as possible, and that if the explosion was indeed a political terrorist attack, the incident would have zero bearing on continued research efforts regarding SLC-Expression.

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