04/20/2021 -- Jackson Heights Fire Sparks NYPD, SESA investigation

Safe Zone Siren
April 20th, 2021
Angie McDonald

An arson investigation is being opened following a frightening, orchestrated attack on a recently-constructed apartment building in Jackson Heights. Fire safety measures were systematically disabled in the building and residents locked inside from ground level as the door to the residential building's exit was chained shut after fires were started on the first and second floor.

According to an eyewitness, masked youths began the fires after dousing a resident's doorway in gasoline and setting it aflame. Reportedly, the youths claimed it was in response to letting apartments to prominently pro-Expressive and Expressive residents. The Safe Zone Siren has confirmed with the company leasing the building that they do not take a stance on topics related to the SLC-E, they do not ask for SLC status as a part of their renting process, and that building management is SLC-N. Despite this, one of the youths was said to have claimed before fleeing, "From the ashes a better world will rise." The masked two were captured on CCTV outside the building while barring the doors. The NYPD have indicated tips may be reported to the non-emergency line or to SESA directly, as they are working jointly to investigate the incident.

Several residents were treated for smoke inhalation following the fire, with no major injuries reported. Displaced residents currently have no estimate when their residences will be declared safe for use again. The Safe Zone Siren will be continuing to follow the developments of this story in the coming weeks.

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