11/29/19 -- Thanksgiving Arrests Made at Red Hook Market

Safe Zone Siren
November 29, 2019

A vandalism incident at Red Hook Market Wednesday evening lead to a number of arrests being made following the disturbance. After a vendor’s tables and merchandise were overturned, allegedly over the vendor’s SLC-E status, a fight broke out between instigators and onlookers. Among those confirmed arrested is Safe Zone Cooperative Citizen’s Watch member Niki Zimmerman.

Tension in the SLC-E community continues to remain high following the terrorist bombing of the Itinerant Dawn launch earlier this month, and incidents like these are doing little to ease fears of continued assaults. In the Safe Zone alone, since November 8th there has been a marked increase in reported crimes that involve anti-SLC-E sentiment. The Safe Zone Siren reached out to both the NYPD and SESA for a comment regarding these incidents, and as of the time of posting, has not received a response.

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