12/12/19 -- FETCH App Released

December 12th

JACKSON HEIGHTS — Raytech Industries today announced the release of the FETCH app. This free-to-install application allows anyone with access to GhostNET or lightRadio who is within Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and parts of Williamsburg and Phoenix Heights to put orders for fresh groceries provided by the Raytech-Yamagato greenhouse. These orders are delivered by the company's SPOT robots, which are swiftly becoming an iconic part of Raytech's media presence.

"While the Greenhouse's produce is available for sale at the Red Hook Market, we recognize that some people live busy lives or are disabled," said Richard Ray, CEO of Raytech Industries, regarding the launch, "So we wanted to start up a program to make sure that even these individuals and families can get access to the foodstuffs we're dedicated to providing. We hope that people come to recognize our delivery robots as a welcome presence in the Zone making lives easier for everyone."

In later comments, he added that they have expansion plans for the program if it proves successful.

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