09/01/2020 -- 2020 Election To Be Historic First

September 1st, 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election is set to be the first in modern American history where the Republican party will not run a candidate.

On February 1st of this year, Republican party frontrunner Louise Noble was arrested by a multi-agency task force and charged with kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and a number of other related charges due to her involvement in an underground SLC-Expressive fighting ring. The GOP's runner-up candidate Leonard Kelleher was also arrested in the same operation.

Since Noble and Kelleher's arrests the GOP has backed away from the 2020 election to try and diminish the stain that their scandals laid on the party. When it became evident that there was no realistic path to the election, the RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel formally announced in March that they would not be pursuing a 2020 bid.

With the Republican party out of the picture, the 2020 election has taken shape as one of the most progressive but also hotly contested elections in a generation.

The Independent incumbent Raymond Praeger is the current frontrunner in polls. Praeger, whose name is well-known across the nation as the unifier who brought a war-torn country together following the Second American Civil War, faces intense challenges from far across the political field.

Democratic candidate Frederick Medina is seen as Praeger's closest competition, though many question whether Medina's progressive values translate to his hardline stance on SLC Registration policies. Medina, who survived a bombing attempt at his congressional campaign headquarters in 2018.

Initially an underdog, Medina's support is growing following the February 2020 attack on the city of Detroit by Pro-SLC exremists, especially among the states bordering the American Dead Zones and the hardest hit regions from the Civil War.

Libertarian Candidate Cedric Hesser has what is arguably the best financially-backed campaign. Hesser, running on a platform supported by the gun lobby, is advocating that the current lax firearm laws widespread in the United States remain in place. Hesser warns that attempts at firearm regulation could be met with as fierce a pushback as SLC regulation was.

Hesser, who helped draft the Chesterfield Act, believes that Registration laws within the US should be further relaxed but also advocates for the removal of special programs and scholarships only available to SLC-Expressive citizens.

The newest entry to the field, Joshua Harding, is the governor of Florida and currently serving his last term. Harding is a close friend to Raymond Praeger and has stated that his primary desire to run hinges on a difference of opinions for how the future of the country should be shaped.

Harding brings a strong grassroots backing among SLC-Expressive and the African-American community and among Civil War veterans, though it is expected that vote will now be split between Praeger and Harding.

The first presidential debates between the four candidates is scheduled for September 29th in Washington, KC.

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