08/05/19 -- Americans Exonerated of Suspected Terrorism

BBC World Service
August 5, 2019

TOKYO — During a press conference this morning, the Japanese government issued a statement absolving three American tourists of suspicion in the murder of Minister of Justice Takumi Seko. Francesca Lang, a civil war veteran, was initially alleged to be seen on surveillance footage at the scene of the crime. The two other implicated Americans, Luther Bellamy and Monica Dawson, were also veterans of the Second American Civil War.

Before the statement was released, officials were uncooperative in answering why Bellamy and Dawson were also wanted for questioning. When asked for an explanation as to the case of mistaken identity for Lang, a Mugai-Ryu representative present at the event spoke up interjected that the investigation is still ongoing and details are sensitive.

No additional suspects have been publicly named in the investigation. The primary suspect Asi Tetsuyama, a former Mugai-Ryu operative, remains at large and is suspected to be one of the Mazdak operatives behind the Fuchuu prison break one week ago.

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