12/12/18 -- Attack on Floyd Bennet Airfield

December 12, 2018

NYC SAFE ZONE — In the late evening hours a coordinated paramilitary attack was executed on the premises of Floyd Bennet Airfield during the return of stolen arms belonging to Praxis Heavy Industries. Rockets streaked into the night from a small contingent of ground forces that destroyed a C-17 cargo plane and killed three Praxis Heavy Industries representatives.

Military Police and National Guard were on scene in an attempt to protect the stolen weapons from what was believed to be a criminal paramilitary organization. Three Military Police officers were slain in an explosion at the onset of the attack.

The attackers fled west out of Ferrymen's Bay. A military flatbed used to steal the Praxis arms was found a short distance away in Venice Marina, along with the body of Keira Aislinn Fionn, a known associate of Humanis First. Major Matthew Olson informed the Post at a press conference this morning that Fionn is suspected to have been among the attackers that hijacked the arms shipment, but that she may have been killed in an apparent double-cross.

The 91st Military Police Battalion has so far not indicated any confirmation as to what organization was responsible for the attack, but indicated a growing rise in arms smuggling operations in the region of Staten Island and into New Jersey as cause for concern.

More on this story as it develops.

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