06/29/18 -- Brick House Museum Vandalism

The Brick House Museum, a museum and memorial to those of the Ferrymen and Phoenix who died before and during the war, was found to be the site of vandalism upon opening this morning.

An official statement released said that someone had attempted to spraypaint over several of the pictures held in the archive, although as they were protected by an acrylic sheet there was no actual damage done, and other minor vandalism was found along the same lines. No real permanent damage was done, and it's expected to take no more than a day to clean up the museum.

It is believed that pictures and mentions of a particular individual were being targeted, and while no official statement has been released, unconfirmed reports under agreements of confidentiality suggest that the individual was one Griffin Mihangle, one of the survivors of the Pollepel Island Massacre, and that someone had painted 'traitor' beneath his name. The motives behind this vandalism are as yet unknown.

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