02/24/2020 -- Construction Begins on the Wozniak-Narrows Memorial Bridge

Quentin Frady
February 24th, 2020

RED HOOK — Yamagato Industries has officially begun construction efforts on the intended replacement for the long-destroyed Verazanno-Narrows bridge that once connected Brooklyn to Staten Island.

The Verazanno-Narrows were destroyed on January 28th, 2009 when members of the freedom-fighting group Phoenix clashed with the Kazimir Volken, leader of the terrorist organization Vanguard to prevent a biological weapon from being released on the population of New York.

According to testimony delivered in the Albany Trials, the bridge was destroyed by a lightning strike delivered by Phoenix's founder Helena Dean in an act that destroyed a refrigerator truck containing the deadly Shanti-Rage virus.

After being vilified for years until the truth came out during the Albany Trials, the members of Phoenix who participated in the heroic act were honored today when Yamagato Industries installed the memorial plaque on the Safe Zone side of the new span.

The plaque commemorates Phoenix members Abigail Caliban, Anne Williams, Brian Foulk, Eve Mas, Gillian Childs, Helena Dean, Norton Trask, and Elvis Shepherd who fought against the members of the Vanguard on that bridge, saving millions — if not countless — lives in the process. A write-in petition to include the name of late Ferryman council member and former Vanguard Eileen Ruskin was vetoed by city council.

The Verazanno-Narrows was originally built in 1959. The new bridge is named in memorial for the late Conrad Wozniak, a member of Phoenix that gave his life destroying the Consolidated Edison Power Plant on the same day the Narrows were destroyed, preventing a second payload of the virus from being released to the public.

The Wozniak-Narrows Memorial Bridge will span the full 13,700 feet between the Safe Zone and Staten Island and feature 13 lanes of traffic. Construction on the bridge is expected to continue until sometime in mid 2021.

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