On Sunday, April 29, 2018, the New York Times runs a front page article under the headline: CRIMINALS OF WAR: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The article categorizes individuals by their fate, with special emphasis on those who have not yet been brought to justice. Each featured subject is listed with a short background profile, which includes an abbreviated history of their crimes and a color photograph.

The article encourages readers to call an anonymous tip line if they have any information on the whereabouts of those labeled STILL AT LARGE.

OOCly, we’ve drafted a list of some of the more prominent (and familiar) characters featured in the article, broken down into bullet points for your perusal. You can find it below, along with links to each of their character pages.


Eugene Arrowood

  • Dishonorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps in 2010 after a violent incident in Afghanistan
  • Joined up with Stillwater Security after returning to the states and participated in the execution of SLC-Expressive citizens
  • Chief of Staff at a death camp in Connecticut during the civil war
  • Vanished after the war ended, current whereabouts unknown

Samuel Irons

  • Humanis First and former New York City Police Commissioner
  • Former NYPD officers testified that Irons used the department as a secret police to extrajudicially arrest and execute SLC-Expressive citizens and those who aided them
  • Abused his power within the department and city to cover up crimes committed by Humanis First
  • Wanted for multiple conspiracy charges, including conspiracy to commit murder
  • Vanished during the war or soon after it, current whereabouts unknown

Georgia Mayes

  • Humanis First and at one time, a high level figure in the Department of Evolved Affairs
  • Enacted discriminatory punitive measures against SLC-Expressives, including detainment centers for the Evolved, resettlement projects, tracking anklets and the implementation of robots designed to hunt down and neutralize SLC-Expressive fugitives
  • Extorted captive SLC-Expressive citizens to capitalize on their abilities
  • Engaged in terrorism, sabotage and corruption — used her position of authority at great cost to national security and at the expense of SLC-Expressive citizens
  • Wanted for crimes against humanity, treason and unlawful detention
  • Last seen in 2012 under Mitchell’s protection, current whereabouts unknown

Odessa Knutson-Price

  • Known to have collaborated with the Company, the Institute, Humanis First and Kazimir Volken’s Vanguard
  • Identified at the Albany Trials as one of two lead engineers on the Shanti-Rage virus
  • Informed on resistance forces within Eltingville Blocks to Michal Valentin
  • Fought in the Humanis First branch of Mitchell’s military
  • Voluntarily accepted negation to remain at Valentin’s side within Humanis First forces
  • Wanted for crimes against humanity, treason, unlawful detention and conspiracy to commit murder
  • Last seen alive by witnesses in December 2013 outside of Valentin’s safehouse in Washington, current whereabouts unknown

Pete Varlane

  • Presided over the San-Francisco branch of the Institute
  • Direct overseer of Howard LeMay’s work on the H5N10 project
  • Known to have authorized and encouraged experimentation on unwilling human subjects
  • Wanted for crimes against humanity and unlawful detention
  • Vanished after the fall of the Institute, current whereabouts unknown


Lauren Gilmore

  • Former Company “Kill Squad” member involved in extrajudicial executions
  • Former ally of the Institute planted within the Department of Homeland Security
  • Chief of Security for the Cambridge Arcology, colluded with the Institute in various crimes against humanity.
  • Apprehended by Wolfhound and turned over to the government in March 2018, currently being detained and is awaiting trial

Howard Lemay

  • Facilitated the creation of the H5N10 virus within the Institute
  • Participated in the illegal arrest and detention of hundreds of SLC-Expressive citizens
  • Relocated SLC-Expressive captives into camps where they were systematically executed
  • Fled justice with other survivors of the Institute
  • Apprehended by Wolfhound and turned over to the government in 2017, currently being detained and is awaiting trial

Mohinder Suresh

  • Worked with the Company to capture and study SLC-Expressive citizens
  • Known to have helped develop the Shanti-Rage virus for the Vanguard
  • Collaborated with the development of concentration camps for the SLC-Expressive
  • Helped develop the H5N10 virus as a “cure” for the Evolved condition
  • Outlined plans for SLC-Expressive sterilization at the request of President Petrelli
  • Experimented on unwilling human subjects
  • Turned himself over into government custody in 2014, tried, convicted and sentenced to multiple life sentences


Emile Danko

  • Humanis First, former marine and Homeland Security agent discharged after a string of violent incidents reported against him in 2007.
  • Engaged in terroristic activity on behalf of Humanis First as early as 2009
  • Burned down the Guiding Light Baptist Church during an Evolved lynching in September 2009
  • Known to have captured, tortured and executed SLC-Expressive citizens in the years leading up to the civil war
  • Lead a unit of Humanis First forces within Mitchell’s military up until the bombs dropped in 2013, when some (unconfirmed) sources report he opened fire on Humanis command and went AWOL
  • Remains recovered from New York City with dog tags in 2014, identity confirmed in 2015 via dental records

Leon Heller

  • Responsible for the murder of an estimated 200-500 civilians during the widespread panic on November 8, 2010
  • Helped oversee the day-to-day operations of Eltingville, where SLC-Expressive individuals were routinely executed by hanging or by firing squad, and their bodies put on public display
  • Responsible for the liquidation of Eltingville, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 1500 civilians
  • Coordinated the attack against the Ferrymen on Pollepel Island, resulting in the destruction of Bannerman Castle and an unknown number of civilians and Ferrymen operatives (or “enemy combatants” as they were called at the time)
  • War crimes include executing prisoners of war, both SLC-Expressive and not, during the Second American Civil War
  • Put on trial for war crimes against the citizens of the United States of America at Albany in 2015, and sentenced to death by firing squad.
  • His sentence was carried out on December 3, 2016 by men who had been under his command during the riots in New York City. Reportedly, his last words were: "I die an innocent man."

Michal Valentin

  • Humanis First, used his access to confidential and privileged information to report on government activity while active within the Company, later served as a commander of Humanis First forces within Mitchell’s military
  • Responsible for The Dome incident of February 2011 and much of the violence and destruction that resulted, killing hundreds of people in the process
  • Tortured unlawfully detained SLC-Expressive citizens for information
  • War crimes include executing SLC-Expressive prisoners of war by hanging, scouting for the intel that led to the nuclear weapon strike off the West Coast
  • Reported KIA by witnesses after a strike force closed in on his safehouse in Washington in December 2013
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