04/18/19 -- Crito Corporation At World's Fair

/April 18, 2019//

In the months' long lead up to the debut of the World's Fair, one of the first major international scientific expositions since Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the line up of research and corporate bodies have been elusive regarding what innovations will be showcased when the Fair goes live in May, 2019. Wired presents an exclusive interview with a spokesperson from one such organisation.

Among the major names we can expect to attend, London-based conglomerate Crito Corporate will be a relative newcomer on the shores of the United States despite becoming a household name throughout Europe for the last several years. In 2014, they became best known for introducing Zodytrin to the world of safe pharmaceuticals for negating SLC-Expressive ability, but their innovations in the world of biocybernetics and other bleeding-edge medical science solutions has been grabbing attention ever since they turned their attention to the world of medicine.

"We can't give away everything," stated Chief Business Officer, Evelyn Waugh, in a phone interview with our Wired editors. "But what I can tell you is that we hope to showcase the collective direction our companies will be taking. There has been a veritable explosion in scientific discovery in every conceivable field, with no small thanks to the manifestion and public knowledge of SLC-Expressive individuals and what our abilities can achieve. Crito is interested in the acceleration and accessability of this knowledge, and turning that knowledge into something that can change, improve, and save lives."

Although Crito Corporate will not be showcasing any products for short-term release, their spokespeople have promised a suite of ongoing developments in the world of biotechnology, including a new kind of super-durable bone grafting technology, a system of sensor technology designed to translate and transmit empathetic data from living bodies, and the latest in pharmaceuticals and solutions for SLC-Expressive individuals. Waugh is also billed to speak at the Quorums, under the title, "Severance, ascension, and the digital consciousness: a future to consider".

Crito Corporate will also be hosting a Virtual Gala, a fundraising event with proceeds going directly to the Safe Zone Cooperative towards the continued restoration of New York City. When asked for more details as to what we can expect, Waugh said, "We would hope the curious buy themselves a ticket to find out."

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