05/07/18 -- DOJ Counterterrorism Agent Arrested

Associated Press
May 7, 2018

Shockwaves ripple through Kansas City, Missouri today with the news that Jason Pierce, decorated army Lieutenant and former Operations Director of the DHS' Domestic Terror Task Force was arrested late Saturday afternoon following a flight from his Kansas City office.

Pierce, currently serving as a liaision to the Deputy Assistant Attorney General's Counterterrorism Division within the Department of Justice, was moved from his position in DHS as part of a governmental restructuring of Mitchell-era administration.

As part of an ongoing investigation into governmental corruption, Pierce was sought by DHS in connection to undisclosed criminal activity while in service to the United States Government. Pierce oversaw the formation of the Staten Island Outer District and the Summer Meadows internment camp during his tenure in the Department of Homeland Security. However, Pierce gained notoriety in 2013 when he traveled to Europe to apprehend former DHS Secretary Gregory Armond and return him to the US for trial.

While details are unclear at present, sources within Homeland Security have informed the Associated Press that Pierce fled his office after receiving a suspicious phone call and was involved in a high speed automobile chase headed west out of Kansas City. Pierce violently resisted arrest and two arresting officers were severely injured in his attempted escape.

The Associated Press has also learned that Pierce is believed to have had associations with the terrorist group Humanis First.

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