02/15/2020 -- Dozens Arrested in NYPD-SCOUT Operation

The New York Times
February 15th, 2020

RED HOOK — A pre-dawn raid on February 14th at the home of NYC Mayoral Aid Andrew Mullen turned into a violent shootout leaving at least 9 dead. Acting on information obtained through confidential sources, the NYPD obtained a search warrant for the second home of James Mullen, aid to NYC Safe Zone Mayor Caroline Short. The raid, conducted by members of SCOUT, uncovered startling evidence of alleged human trafficking and corruption involving NY Mayoral hopeful Andrew Culbert. According to a statement from the NYPD, Mullen is alleged to have coordinated with Culbert and the Ghost Shadows Triad to collect non-consensual teelepathic information for blackmail purposes and allegedly intended to feed false information to the NYPD that would lead to Mayor Short's arrest and damage to any future political aspirations.

The NYPD-SCOUT raid was interrupted by the arrival of an armed gang of assailants believed to belong to the Russian paramilitary organization "Dead Hammer." No SCOUT officers were harmed in the altercation, and surviving members of Dead Hammer were arrested by an emergency response team along with a spotter living across the street who confessed to working for Mr. Mullen. It is believed that the members of Dead Hammer were hired on a contract by Carlo Civella, a contributor to Culbert's mayoral campaign.

NYPD-SCOUT arrested Mullen a short time later attempting to flee the city on his private jet. Mullen surrendered to the NYPD with no confrontation and was arraigned early yesterday morning. Carlo Civella was arrested an hour later at his restaurant Chex Roux in Red Hook.

NYPD Commissioner Marcus Donovan spoke with the press this morning regarding the events. "It is thanks to the tireless efforts of our SCOUT detectives that we were able to break this case and prevent irreparable damage to the office of the Mayor of New York. The DA has been provided with voluminous evidence linking Andrew Mullen to the offices of Andrew Culbert and their direct involvement in human trafficking operations perpetrated by organized crime." Commissioner Donovan went on to outline a connection between Culbert and the Civella crime family, famously forced out of New York City in the mid 200's by Daniel Linderman.

Donovan went on to say, "Thanks to the efforts of our heroic officers, we have additionally provided SESA and other federal agencies with information on an extensive human trafficking operation targeting SLC-Expressives in the New York area. The NYPD are dedicated to making the Safe Zone precisely what it is called, and with today's arrests we are confident that we're leading the city toward a brighter future and a safer tomorrow."

The complicated nature of this case appears to tie together several criminal enterprises from around the Safe Zone. In court filings obtained by the New York Times, Culbert is being charged with racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder, human trafficking, and a host of associated charges stemming from his involvement with the Ghost Shadows Triad with Mullen and Civella facing similar charges. It will be up to the DA's office to prove the connection between these events, but it is suspected they will use evidence implicating Mullen and Culbert allegedly intended to leverage Culbert's placement as mayor to benefit Culbert's company Edgeland Construction in gaining Staten Island reconstruction contracts.

An informant within the NYPD, who agreed to speak anonymously with the Times, indicated that Culbert and Mullen further cooperated to harvest sensitive political information through an SLC-Expressive telepath to gain blackmail material for Culbert's mayoral campaign. The Times' informant further went on to detail Mullen's arrangement with the Triad, indicating that the Ghost Shadows paid Mullen several hundred thousand dollars over the last four years in exchange for allowing them to operate a human trafficking operation out of his second home in Bay Ridge.

Due to the nature of the human trafficking operation abutting with an ongoing SESA investigation, it is expected that Mullens trial will go to federal court. Culbert is being held at the Red Hook Detention Facility without bail, pending his trial date.

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