06/05/2020 -- Eve Mas Spotted!

June 5, 2020


The wild American woman Eve Mas — famous for a lot of wildness but most recently for allegedly (on camera) committing multiple acts of murder and destruction in the city of Detroit — was spotted on this cell phone footage on the scene of a building collapse near Yonkers, New York! Reports state that a pair of teens were inside when the structure collapsed — doing god knows what (probably getting high!) — but fear not ladies and gents, the "Murderimp" also calling herself "Herald" (okay white woman Jesus) was seen ushering the potentially inebriated teens to safety and poofing off into the night!

The viral video that began circulated early April of Mas proclaiming her innocence has hit up to 3 million views on YouTube and continues to climb today.

Is this a sign of her words being true? Is she a nutty white knight? A psychotic killer on the loose?

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jerseydevil88: wow this woman is absolutely psychotic. hope they execute the bitch
oPallyfe: she's a war hero!!! why would she ever do this?? come on sheeple!!
monkeywr3nch01: FIRST

congalinez replied: ur not first bud

guest11111086252: kill the slice demon!
timesnow5491: finally, someone hears me
not4wanting: the only thing eve did wrong was stop killing!

labour1st: wtf mate

civil4ce: This is exactly what the PM was talking about. We need more sectioning and we need non-compliant nations to start checking their houses for crazies like Mas. This sort of out of control behavior is going to be the end of the entire fucking world.

xpressivetoast: eat five dicks in hell

civil4ce: real mature asshole

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