04/02/2020 -- Eve Mas Alive in Viral Video

April 2nd, 2020

NYC SAFE ZONE — Two months after her presumed death in the city of Detroit, Eve Mas has re-emerged into the public eye with a rambling viral video uploaded to the internet on April Fools' Day.

In the video, Mas claims to have been abducted and experimented on by Adam Monroe in an alleged medical procedure that altered her SLC-Expressive ability. The message, apparently recorded in mid-March according to the video's timestamp, is short on details and levels responsibility for much of Mas' actions on Monroe. Mas claims she was out of control of her actions during the events in Detroit, a claim also given a decade ago by many participants in the November 8th, 2010 riots that tore through much of New York City.

SESA has declined to make a public comment about the Mas video, but Times' sources within the agency indicate that there is an ongoing investigation and that Mas is a "person of interest."

Eve Mas' video is available for streaming below:

The video begins with a brief burst of static before the recording blinks on showing a large black shroud and a table and chair. Orange lettering in the corner spells out the date of March 16, 2020. In that chair with her hands calmly placed in front of her is Eve Mas, she smiles at the camera with too many teeth. "Hello world," Wiggling her fingers at the camera. "I figure I've got some explaining to do and the best way to get the truth unfiltered is through a cellphone video nowadays." Her smile drops and she looks sort of blankly out of frame for a moment before coming to with a shake of her head.

"The events that occurred on February 28th, B Day. Were tragic tragic, unnecessary deaths. All that carnage…" The dark haired woman pauses and considers her next words, "I wish there were an easy explanation but as with most things in this world, the answers are not easy." Licking her lips and tilting her head.

"Imagine something so terrible… something out of a nightmare but come to the world of the living. That was where I was, that night, waking up in Detroit. Lost, and confused surrounded by chaos." Eve looks like she isn't all the way there as she recounts the tale. "It wasn't until later that I learned what the papers were saying, me I was seen but I had no memory. Strange mm?"

There's a sad look in her eye, "There is a man I have been chasing for the better part of a decade, scurry scurry. Adam Monroe. His plans involved mass murder, throwing us years back in progress towards true peace and equality between our people." Now she sounds bitter and her eyes glitter in anger. "The last thing I remembered was being taken by him, off the coast of Virgina. It is my belief, that I was taken to Praxis Heavy and experimented on. The end result…" Eve poofs out of existence in that moment and there hangs a mass of blood red fog that withers and curls slowly in the light wind of a fan on somewhere behind the camera.

Her shadow becomes clearer, darker until the woman sits there again with her hands in her lap. "I am no longer a seer." There's a look of relief that flickers across her features, she's finally out. "Robbed of my gift, of my agency and turned loose on innocent people." A fist tightens and Eve looks off to the side, "The things I saw myself do… with those gold eyes…" Tears fall down her cheeks.

"But a Mas woman doesn't stop, she doesn't quit! I vow to find him and bring him to his knees before us all." Righteous fury made more evident by her eyes, "While I do this and with the state of the influence placed over my mind. I will be hiding away my dears. I am sorry, please keep Sassy company at Cat's."

"I will not allow myself to be used in such a way," Wiping the tears from her eyes, Eve places her hands back in her lap and stares directly into the camera.

"Not everything that happened that day was terrible, there was a birth. People whispering of gifts. More than before, the numbers grow." At this Eve's expression begins to light up and she slowly leans into the camera.

"To those who are new, just barely knocking the egg shell away to enter the world anew. From all of us, welcome. You have family though this world may seem scary and lonely. Seek them out, be comforted, be fed, be supported. There is power in community, in family. Be kind to each other, or I might be around the corner." Eve chuckles and wags her finger at the camera.

"Until next time dearies."

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