11/07/18 -- Explosion at Medina Campaign Headquarters

Kansas City Star
November 7, 2018

KANSAS CITY, MO — Shortly after delivering his concession speech, on Tuesday, to his Republican opponent Paula St. Croix an explosive device was detonated within the campaign headquarters of Democratic Congressional Incumbent Frederick Medina. Medina, who was attempting to hold his seat following a successful 2016 campaign on a platform of increasing Chesterfield Act registration terms. Medina, who was not present at his campaign headquarters and delivered his speech at the Doubletree Hotel downtown, was informed of the blast and moved to safety.

The explosion rocked the metro KC area, eviscerating the Medina campaign offices which sits at the intersection of West 4th Street and Broadway. Authorities suspect that the explosive device was smuggled below the Medina HQ building through the city's sewers, but they have not released any details on a suspect at this time.

"It just goes to show how divided this country still is," Medina said in a press release earlier this morning. "We're going into the middle of the 21st century without a roadmap, trying to work within the confines of rules as they were before everything changed. People responded to my platform, to the logical and reasonable lines that need to be drawn between freedom and security. We've moved on past the war, the 'good guys' won, and yet there's people out there who refuse to believe that the war is over."

While Medina did not outright blame pro-SLC-Expressive groups for the attack, other pundits in favor of Medina's plan to tighten restrictions on SLC-Expressive abilities, much in the way firearms were regulated prior to the Civil War, suggested that "Evolved Extremists" may be responsible for the explosion.

Paula St. Croix denounced the attack later this morning, citing that, "the time for war is over. The American people know what they want and they showed it at the polls today, they showed that humans — expressive or not — deserve to be treated as equals." St. Croix went on to express her relief that Medina and his family were well.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have indicated that their joint investigation is underway but have asked for anyone with information pertaining to the explosion to come forward.

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