08/31/19 -- Explosion Still A Mystery

August 31, 2019

NEW JERSEY — Authorities are still baffled a day after a massive explosion rocked the middle of rural New Jersey. Initial investigations indicate that the explosion destroyed a half mile area surrounding the park and leveled trees an additional two miles beyond.

Dubbed the "Black Forest" by locals, this region of New Jersey was known to be the source of a long-running underground fire dating back to the civil war, attributed to a botched military operation. However, authorities do not believe that the explosion could have been caused by the underground fire and Expressive abilities have not been ruled out.

As of yet no evidence has been recovered from the scene, though the partial remains of several bodies were recovered according to one source close to SESA.

The sudden, unexpected blast is not radioactive in nature, though it has none the less sparked memories of the two atomic detonations in Manhattan in 2006 and 2011, respectively. Anyone with information pertaining to the blast is encouraged to contact SESA and the Department of Homeland Security at their emergency contact lines.

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