03/10/19 -- Fire Breaks Out In Jackson Heights

March 10, 2019

This evening a fire broke out in the Jackson Heights district at one of the housing units just finished for the multitude of people awaiting the opportunity to be able to move into the last section of New York City that has been reclaimed with the help of Yamagato Industries.

The fire resulted in the death of one Marigold Wax, an SLC-Expressive woman who in a turn of events had not been killed by the fire but by a gunshot from an assailant known as Evan Lewis. The man was outed as a member of the Pure Earth movement. He cites self defense but Miss Wax was documented as having a passive ability. Eyewitness reports speak of a woman that stopped the fire that resulted in the orange flash of light that was seen during this evening. Sources say that officials think that Lewis set the fire intentionally to hide his crime. Wax's next of kin, has not been able to be reached.

Authorities are looking for anyone with information on this case.

More updates to come.

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