09/18/2020 -- Fugitive Mas To Hold Festival

September 18th, 2020

NYC SAFE ZONE — Eve Mas, the former Ferrymen associate wanted for the murder of at least five in Detroit on February 28th is set to hold a public festival.

On September 17th, Mas released a video on several streaming media outlets calling for SLC-Expressives from around the New York area to attend the "XPRESSYOURSELF Festival" in direct opposition from calls by law enforcement for Mas to turn herself in. On the video, Mas targets young and recently-manifested Expressives, seeking to coerce them into attending what she claims is a festival of "pride" and "freedom." While the time and location of the festival is unknown, Mas has continued to communicate online with trending hashtags on Twitter including #expressurself #Xpressivepride and #myslceisme.

On February 28th Mas killed motorist Carlos Francisco after she allegedly caused a three car collision by materializing at a busy downtown Chicago intersection. Francisco confronted Mas and was killed by an unclear Expressive ability. Further footage from the same day shows Mas confronting armed militants escorting international terrorist Baruti Naidu just outside the Raytech Renaissance Center a few blocks away. While sources at the scene say that Mas allegedly died during the event, it has become abundantly clear since her emergence in April that rumors of her death were greatly exaggerated.

In April Mas released a video blaming the architect of the Detroit attack, former Company founder Adam Monroe, for her actions. While Mas did not explicitly state it in her video, she suggests to have not been in control of her own actions and acting under some form of duress. In spite of this, Mas has made no effort to turn herself in to authorities.

SESA-NY Director Farah Nazan-Gutierrez spoke to the Times earlier today about Mas most recent call to action. "It's not only irresponsible, it's malicious." Nazan said in front of a group of reporters. "Eve Mas knows the government's ability to respond to events in remote parts of the country is limited and she has chosen to flaunt herself and endanger already at-risk youths by organizing a mass gathering far outside the reach of any law enforcement." Nazan went on to say. "SESA will respond appropriately and swiftly to Mas' actions. We will not allow her to endanger the lives of others or avoid the consequences of her actions."

It is not yet known when the event will take place, but given that Mas is utilizing social media as an outreach it is likely word will come from the digital corners of the world.

Eve Mas' latest video is included below:

The screen is black but the sounds of music come out of the speakers of the laptop, it's Madonna's Vogue. The screen lights up to show a bright white background and Eve standing wearing a vibrant red dress, waving her arms in the air and turning in a slow circle with her hips.

"Strike a pose. "

Eve snaps her fingers and becomes a cloud of blood red mist, the bass pounds and the cloud almost pulstates in time, drifting to the left and Eve materializes in a different pose then before this time crouched with her chin in her hands with a wide grin on her face. Another pose, another. She ends with her back on the gray floor and the camera shifts to pointing down at her face, eyes wide after she winks, "Hey babies!" Like she's greeting old friends. "After a clearing of the noggin by the head doctors I am in the clear no more influence. I. Am. Me!"

Rolling on her side the camera sways and focuses on Eve again who props her head up with a pale hand. "I wanted to announce something. Something fun. A celebration, a coming out. A festival,"

"Are you looking for a place to be yourself and, express?"

"Somewhere you will be celebrated, loved, cheered on?" Eve's hand traces an invisible line on her chin, "Do you ache to be around more of your brothers and sisters to express together? To feel no judgement at all?" It's like she knows the answer already without anyone saying so.

"Well I have just the thing for you: Express Yourself a gathering of the arts and Expressives, a time and place to later be announced, you naughty things you!"

"Come and be free, come and celebrate and most importantly. Come express"

The video ends.

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