10/26/18 -- Ghostnet to Haunt Safe Zone

New York Times
October 26th, 2018

NYC SAFE ZONE — In a surprise announcement hot on the heels of their multi-million dollar food donation to the Safe Zone and the kickoff of their "Harvest Matsuri", Yamagato Industries announced today that they will be releasing an expanded cellular network service through the Safe Zone starting in November. Dubbed Ghostnet, this cellular service network won't have any towers being raised or underground cables dug. Rather, the Ghostnet will be all around the citizens of the Safe Zone, starting in Bay Ridge.

Yamagato Industries is deploying a fleet of solar-powered drones to distribute their cellular network to the public. By Yamagato Industries estimates, they will be deploying 625 units in near-perpetual flight over the neighborhood. Each Ghostnet drone will send and receive wireless calls and internet traffic, finally bringing reliable internet access to the most populace neighborhood in the Safe Zone. The Ghostnet is the brainchild of Yamagato Industries engineer Leroy Jackson, a Philadelphia-born computer engineer.

Yamagato Industries indicates that contracts for Ghostnet service will be available as early as November 1st through both their corporate web portal and through a physical Ghostnet sales office located in Yamagato Park. Though the contracts will be available starting in November, the network service isn't expected to roll out in its entirety until November 7th. Yamagato Industries warns residents to remember that this is a prototype technology and there will likely be technical hurdles along the way. But between this development and the considerable charitable donation preceding matsuri, Yamagato Industries is going a long way to regain the trust of the Safe Zone and its people.

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