07/17/19 -- Impending Heat Wave


July 17, 2019

BAY RIDGE — A group of children stand under a deli awning, watching NYPD officers shutting off manually opened fire hydrants on Union Street in Bay Ridge. This scene is playing out across the Safe Zone as the NYPD struggles to maintain a firm control over the city's water supply in the wake of record high temperatures across the state.

New York, and much of the American northeast is currently experiencing the worst heat wave in half a decade. Temperatures are expected to rise to over 105 degrees in the Safe Zone on Saturday with a "real feel" closer to 110 degrees in some areas. Residents had resorted to forcing open fire hydrants to help beat the heat, but Mayor Caroline Short says that water rationing is important given the city's limited fresh water supply and is encouraging residents to not waste city water.

Yamagato Industries is hoping to help some residents beat the heat by keeping Yamagato Park open to the public starting Friday at 7:00am through to normal hours on Monday. Yamagato Industries hopes that access to more air-conditioned facilities will help Safe Zone residents stay cool.

The Department of Health is recommending residents stay in a cool, shady place indoors whenever they can and to avoid indoor areas during scheduled rolling blackouts. The NYPD will be performing wellness checks across the Safe Zone to make sure the city's elderly and other at-risk residents are safe.

If you are a cryokinetic or a temperature manipulator, do what you can to help those who don't have a place to cool down. Consider volunteering at your local SESA outreach center in your neighborhood or visiting a public recreation center to help keep as many Safe Zone residents cool as possible.

The Safe Zone Municipal Building will be hosting a "cool-down" location for residents throughout the weekend in the ground-floor lobby.

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