02/23/18 -- International News, February 2018

UNITED KINGDOM — The United Nations human rights chief on Tuesday called for an international criminal probe into the perpetrators of the widespread and brutal attacks that have driven more than 20,000 SLC-Expressive people from the United Kingdom since August 2012, noting that "elements of genocide" against the minority could not be ruled out.

Since 2011 the EU has tightly clamped down control on SLC-Expressive individuals with harsher restrictions of their EUSR (European Union SLC-Expressive Registration) process. Reproduction and relocation restrictions put into effect in December of 2011 now include mandatory sterilization for EUSR registrants with abilities classified as NON-C (Non-Civilian) who are not serving active military duty or have other special dispensations.

The attacks that began in August started at the Whitechapel Relocation Center, echoing riots that began in America in 2011 prior to the start of the Second American Civil War. These attacks appear to be organized and fears of ties to government agencies have been spreading on social media. Many of the some 100,000 refugees fleeing the UK and other EU territories are now setting their sights on the United States with the hopes of finding political asylum.

CHINA — Chinese Premier Ma Kai released a public statement on February 23rd regarding the disappearance of 12,764 Chinese citizens from the Kangbashi District last month. Investigators from China's Youyue Department have confirmed that uncontrolled expression of an SLC-E ability caused the dislocation of an entire city block in Kangbashi. The newly relocated residents to the once-unpopulated city disappeared on January 3rd following a massive power outage. The cause of the disappearance was at first attributed to a worker's strike at the city's partially completed spaceport.

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