07/01/2020 -- International News (July 2020)


UNITED KINGDOM — A report published in April of this year by the Wellcome Trust Center for Human Genetics at the University of Oxford indicating that SLC-N people may spontaneously express the Suresh Linkage-Complex has been the center of a heated debate within the UK Parliament.

On the morning of the 13th, Prime Minister Benedict Hawthorne announced that the UK government would be expanding and modifying its already restrictive SLC registration process to shorten the time between government-mandated blood screenings from annual to bi-annual. UK Citizens in violation of this screening process will be subjected to immediate prison time and possible Sectioning under the EUSR.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Hawthorne has indicated that due to the inability to accurately test for "Mosaic" Expressives (An SLC-E person capable of manifesting more than one distinct ability) any individual suspected of possessing Mosaic ability is to be automatically classified as a Section 2 SLC-E Citizen requiring mandatory chemical negation. Hawthorne's announcement was met with massive protests across the UK, with tens of thousands of citizens entering the streets in resistance to further tightening of the already restrictive UK registration laws.

Prime Minister Hawthorne is expected to propose these new regulations to the EUSR International Council in Copenhagen in November for adoption across the EU.

CANADA — Renautas Inc, a subsidiary of Yamagato Industries, has announced the development of a wearable biometric tracker called the GenPro. In a press release, Renautas showcased the watch-sized device that tracks a wealth of health-related biometric data such as sleep cycles, heart rate, blood pressure, and activity. Additionally, the GenPro has the ability to act as a portable SLC screening device by utilizing a small, retractable lancet on the interior of the wristband that takes a small blood sample and electrochemically processes the sample to detect the presence of the proteins that make up the Suresh Linkage Complex. According to Renautas Inc the test takes 2 minutes to process and is reliable with a 99.99% accuracy.

Renautas Inc faced a wave of criticism following the announcement surrounding the security of the data contained on the GenPro and the security of Renautas' cloud-computing servers backed by Yamagato Industries. SLC-E rights organizations in Canada filed an injunction to prevent Renautas proposed launch of the GenPro in December of 2020 over fears of personal information security.

JAPAN — Yamagato Industries CEO Kimiko Nakamura made her first public appearance since the death of her husband in the bombing of Yamagato Industries in 2018. Nakamura, openly showcasing her prosthetic arm and leg to replace the limbs she lost in the terror attack, spoke with impassioned conviction on the floor of Parliament about the Kaihō Act to a packed floor.

The Kaihō Act, first presented to the Diet in May, would be the first relaxation of SLC-E laws in five years. Nakamura spoke candidly about how draconian Registration limits industry by forcing Expressives with specific abilities to go into hiding in order to maintain a sense of personal liberty. Nakamura cites the success of American industrial corporations like Raytech Industries as examples of how unfettered Registration is a substantial and real economic boon to the United States.

Nakamura indicated that if Japan continued its Registration process as-is, by 2030 the country would be facing a catastrophic recession from the debt accrued by maintaining detention centers and mandatory Registration sites. Nakamura indicated that Registration is no guaranteed protection against SLC-E violence, indicating that her family was killed by an unregistered Expressive and Praxis Heavy Industries willfully falsified the Registrations of hundreds of violent Expressives to fund a private army.

Parliament is expected to vote on the Kaihō Act in October.

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