04/20/2021 -- Iraq Denies Involvement in Whitehearth Attack

Breaking Report

LEBANON — A statement issued by Iraqi Confederated Parliament has denied any and all involvement in the April 20th attack on the Whitehearth Sectioning Facility in the United Kingdom. The statement was signed by all three Parliament Confederated Councilors representing the people of Iraq and was co-signed by Syria's President-Regent Tariq Al Hamad.

During a weekly briefing, Iraq's External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi described the allegations as "baseless propaganda."

"It is not new for the UK to engage in baseless propaganda against Iraq," he said. "The UK would do well to expend the same effort in setting its own house in order and taking credible and verifiable action against terrorism emanating from its soil and terrorists who have found safe sanctuaries there."

Noting that "the international community is well aware of the UK’s credentials when it comes to Anti-Expressive terrorism," Bagchi added that “this is acknowledged by none other than its own leadership, which continues to glorify Anti-Expressive activity through its fascist Torchlight Initiative.”

Reacting to Iraq’s denial of its involvement in the April 20 terrorist attack, the UK’s Foreign Ministry spokesman rejected Baghdad’s statement and said there is irrefutable evidence of Iraq’s direct involvement in the bombing.

"We have pointed out in the past also Iraqi state sponsorship of terrorism in the UK," said Susan Truss in a statement. "There is no doubt that the Iraqi intelligence agency was involved in planning and executing terrorist attacks against the UK," he added.

She accused Iraq of using terrorism as an instrument of state policy and said it makes Baghdad culpable under international law, the UN sanctions regime and international counter-terrorism conventions.

Truss urged the international community to hold Iraq to account and take practical steps to proceed against the Iraqi nationals involved in patronage of terrorism against the UK.

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