11/08/2020 -- Janus Oil to Begin Drilling Dead Zone

November 8th, 2020

WASHINGTON, KC — The Janus Oil Company, a subsidiary of the JANUS Corporation, begins preparations today for the single largest industrial operation in what is now dubbed the Pacific Southwest Dead Zone. The company will move a sizable portion of its operations to the currently struggling California Safe Zone ahead of plans to begin drilling for oil in several locations in the American southwest including Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Representatives from the Independent Council of Native Tribes (ICNT) have indicated that the Janus Oil Company's operations come with the blessing of the ICNT and a substantial profit sharing. Under the terms of their agreement with the ICNT, the Janus Oil Company will embed ICNT representatives in all of their drilling operations and adhere to ICNT guidance on prohibited drilling areas.

The PSW drilling project is the JANUS Corporation's largest oil drilling operation since the construction of their most recent offshore drilling platform off the coast of Virginia earlier this year.

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