07/14/19 -- Japanese Minister of Justice Murdered

BBC World News
July 14th, 2019**

TOKYO — An American and a Japanese security officer are named in the murder of the Japanese Minister of Justice Takumi Seko.

American national Francesca Lang, 25, an SLC-Expressive Registered in her home country with the ability of Kinetic Manipulation and Japanese national and Mugai-Ryu officer Major Asi Tetsuyama, 36, also a registered SLC-Expressive with the ability of Technopathy are suspects in Minister Seko's murder.

Minister Seko is believed to have been kidnapped from his home on the night of July 11th (JST) by operatives of the international terrorist group Mazdak whom, in cooperation with what is believed to be seven local Japanese motorcycle gangs or Bosozuku, brought the Minister to an abandoned steelworks in the Keihin Industrial Ward just outside of Tokyo where he was executed.

The apparent involvement of Asi Tetsuyama, a decorated officer within the Mugai-Ryu, has sent shockwaves through all levels of government in Japan. Takumi Seko's interim replacement Nanto Fuse demanded that all Mugai-Ryu officers be suspended pending a nationwide investigation, but so far no such action has taken place.

Japanese Prime Minister Satoshi Uchida has called for calm in the face of this violence and a nationwide manhunt is underway to find Land and Tetsuyama to bring them in for questioning. Both women were seen on surveillance camera footage going in to the steelworks prior to the incident and several gang members apprehended by the Mugai-Ryu during their raid of the site confirmed that Tetsuyama was present and named as a "guest" of unknown suspected Mazdak operatives.

Lang entered Japan legally through the Narita International Airport on June 5th along with two other Americans also wanted for questioning: Luther Bellamy, former head of security at Raytech Industries and Monica Dawson, former public relations liaison for Yamagato Industries.

More on this story as it develops.

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