02/28/2020 -- Joint Operation Breaks Terrorist Organization In New York

The Associated Press
February 28th, 2020

ALBANY, NY — Yesterday afternoon a joint-operation in Rochester New York between SESA, the FBI, DHS, and local law-enforcement resulted in the arrests of over 47 suspected members of the international terrorist organization Shedda Dinu. Just after 4:00pm the join operations task force, along with material assistance from the Private Military Company Wolfhound, raided the Times Square Building, home of the Coldbridge Financial Solutions firm. The raid, a culmination of months of intense investigation, resulted in numerous arrests of Coldbridge Financial employees as well as a number of high value targets that had been on federal radar for years.

The raid is a part of a wider national operation to determine the whereabouts of SESA Secretary Claudia Zimmerman and public relations director Alice Shaw, who disappeared earlier this month under suspicious circumstances. Sources within SESA tell the AP that Shedda Dinu is believed to be connected to these events.

Shedda Dinu was last in the news over a decade ago when their operatives attempted to gain a foothold in New York City prior to the Second American Civil War. Shedda Dinu is believed to be a part of a considerably larger international organization with ties to the Mazdak Group that has gained significant control over the Middle East following coups in Iraq and Syria. Shedda Dinu presented itself as a Pro-Expressive extremist group looking to destabilize global governments and instate Expressive-led administrations.

Among those arrested was Jaiden Mortlock, a former Ferrymen operative who went missing in 2018 following an attack by Humanis First on his family's home in Minnesota. It is believed that Mortlock was radicalized by Dinu after that attack and brought into their fold. Also arrested was Yamagato Industries employee Godfrey Welles, who is believed to have had ties to the Ghost Shadows Triad operating out of New York City. Yamagato Industries declined to comment when the AP reached out.

SESA Deputy-Director Kristopher Voss spoke to the Associated Press today regarding the operation saying, "SESA has time and again shown its commitment to the safety of the nation's Expressive population. Shedda Dinu was not only subverting Expressives within the US, but selling them a lie in order to back international power plays tied to the Middle East. The tireless efforts of all federal and state employees in this raid ensured its success and we will continue to commit ourselves to the protection of this country from threats both foreign and domestic."

The raid was witnessed by numerous Rochester, NY residents as dozens of police officers from across the city converged on the building. The spectacular show of Wolfhound's jet hovering over the Times Square Building at the height of the operation spread like wildfire across the internet and reignited conversations about the heroes from the Civil War .

Within the story is the revelation that SESA was able to get agents inside of Shedda Dinu leading up to the raid. Former Deputy-Director of SESA Donald Kenner, recently sighted in a theft in Kansas City, was an integral part of the success of Thursday's operation. Kenner was unavailable for comment, but SESA Director Madeline Choi responded to our requests for comment with: "Donald Kenner's actions leading up to the raid provided SESA with a wealth of actionable intelligence that has allowed us to better protect the American people."

Anonymous sources within SESA indicate that the status of Benjamin Ryans, who perpetrated the recent theft with Kenner, was also present at the Times Square Building but escaped and is believed to not be undercover as previously believed. SESA declined to publicly comment on Ryans' status and he is still listed as a fugitive person of interest in the Kansas City robbery that left one security guard dead.

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