07/09/18 -- KCSE Ready for Business

July 9, 2018

Following the destruction of New York City and the economic collapse leading up to the Second American Civil War, the failure of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is often cited as the single most significant financial disaster in modern history. Between the data loss suffered from the New York EMP in 2011 to the cascading failure of backup sites during the bombing raids at the height of the Civil War, there was little hope that the NYSE could return to its place of preeminence.

Now, four years after the end of the Second American Civil War, the United States is ready to move back into the global markets. The struggling post-war economy, coupled with infrastructure damage across the majority of its coastal metropolitan areas, has shifted the focus of America's stock market inland, much as its nation's capital has. The Kansas City Stock Exchange (KCSE) will open its floor to trading on July 16th, the first public stock trading since the market freeze in 2012. This event signals a return to normalcy for American financial institutions, and by proxy the world's.

In the days leading up to the Second American Civil War, emerging markets bore the brunt of American sell-off, as fear over growing national tensions led to economic instability. Nearly 70 percent of emerging markets stocks, domiciled in Asia, suffered immensely before the collapse of the NYSE and the freezing of all trade. However, emerging markets witnessed a strong rebound in the past year and a half, and investors could see this as an opportunity to take some money off the table. Similarly, developed markets outside of North America suffered overwhelming losses, leading many to blame the collapse of countries like Argentina on the fall of the U.S. economic superpower. Market in the EU have equally suffered, and the global stage now looks to the United States with trepidation as they move back into the foray. Global markets are just finding their bearings in a slow and unsteady recovery, and any hiccup from geopolitical tensions could derail their improvement.

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