09/14/19 -- Latimer Inc Prepares For The Beyond

BBC News

September 14, 2019
Science News

KENYA — Iterant Industries, a sister corporation of Latimer Inc, is preparing the final stages of its ambitious Itinerant Dawn spaceflight project at the Broglio Space Center in Malindi, Kenya. Owned and operated by the Italian Space Agency, the Broglio Space Center will be the launching site for the passengers of the bleeding-edge faster than light Itinerant Dawn, currently under construction in near-earth orbit.

Geneva Isfeld, Latimer Inc's founder, calls this event "a watershed moment for human history. We are about to see what happens when the brightest minds in the world pair with the most talented SLC-Expressive humans to push the boundaries of science and exploration."

The Itinerant Dawn will bring a crew of 22 passengers further than any manned spacecraft has ever traveled, though the technology that Iterant Industries is bringing to this endeavor has been shrouded in secrecy. As a privately-funded corporation, Latimer has been reticent to reveal just how the Itinerant Dawn will achieve the believed to be impossible speed of light, let alone break it.

The Itinerant Dawn's flight plan will take it to the edge of the Sol system beyond Pluto and back again, purportedly within less than a week's time. Latimer has outlined that the Itinerant Dawn will make short jumps to each of the planets past Earth in the Sol system before making one longer "jump" back to Earth.

Further details surrounding the launch and the ship's crew have been kept under tight secrecy ahead of Latimer's planned November 8th launch.

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