12/27/19 -- Liberty Island Terrorist Attack

The New York Times
December 27, 2019

NEW YORK — Shortly before midnight yesterday the Liberty Island Detention Center, a government holding facility for war criminals pending trial in Albany courts, was attacked by as of yet unknown terrorists.

The attack on the facility began from inside the walls of the compound, spreading through the security floor and into detention blocks. All of the Liberty Island staff including 14 Department of Homeland Security employees, 6 employees of the Department of Justice, and 5 SESA agents were killed in the assault.

Sources within SESA have indicated that the attack was perpetrated by multiple SLC-Expressive individuals who used a combination of abilities to bypass security and kill the facility staff. This source also indicated that some of the detainees of Liberty Island cannot be accounted for, and suggested others may have been killed in their cells.

No information is known at present on the attackers and no organization has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Just after 7:00 am this morning the President addressed members of his cabinet and unilaterally condemned the attack and called it in no unclear terms an act of terror.

The Liberty Island Detention Center is comprised of the remnants of the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island following its destruction during the Second American Civil War. In 2014 a detention center originally planned by the Mitchell Administration was repurposed into a holding facility for war criminals pending their trial in Albany New York as part of the Albany Trials. Liberty Island was planned for decommission in 2021.

More on this as news develops.

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