04/18/18 -- Local News, April 2018


NYC SAFE ZONE — The heroes of Post-War America were out in force on April 6th at the Yamagato Fellowship Charity Gala in Yamagato Park. Nearly 1,000 of New York's best and brightest attended the gala, intended to raise funds for the restoration and reconstruction of New York's art galleries and museums. World-famous members of the Ferrymen such as best-selling author Gillian Childs and Major Hana Gitelman were on display in red carpet finery. We spoke to SESA NY Director Donald Kenner when we caught him on the red carpet during his arrival.

"We're out here for a good cause, yes. Art and history are part and parcel with society. Art conveys the attitudes and ideas of the time and can inform the future on the choices of the past. If we were to lose that part of our history and our culture, we'd be at risk of losing out identity as Americans and our perspective on the past." Kenner said of the gala. "But, we're here as a show of solidarity too. I invited all active-duty SESA agents to attend the gala to show that we're not only here for the community and for the country, but we're citizens as well. We want to show that this isn't the same government, that the war we fought so long and hard to win was worth something. We're here representing the future, and in doing so we're also trying to save the past."

President Kin Egami of Yamagato Industries New York branch office had this to say: "The United States stands at a crossroads that the rest of the world is rapidly approaching. What caused the civil war here could just as likely happen in Europe, just as likely happen in South America, or Asia. We're reaching a point where relations between SLC-Expressive and Non-Expressive people must either integrate, or explode. What we build here for America will be a sign post for the rest of the world, that it is not only possible for us to survive together, it is critical. Yamagato Park is a window into the future, like the World's Fairs of old. It is also a promise, and one we are dedicated to fulfill."

Following the gala, we reached out to Yamagato Fellowship Chairman Kam Nisatta to get her perspective on the night. "We had an incredibly diverse crowd at the charity gala," Kam said in an interview on Monday. "Not only did we have representatives from America's heroes who helped defend the nation in a time of crisis, active participants in the nation's self-defense, and government representatives… but we also had ordinary citizens engaged through outreach programs that provided guest tickets at reduced cost or through exchange of charitable donations. Our goal was to educate and enlighten, and I feel we successfully completed that goal."

The Yamagato Fellowship Center raised an estimated 2.6 million dollars through ticket sales and private charitable donations.

LONG ISLAND — Though the Safe Zone is New York's first habitable area, eyes are beginning to turn to the vast and undeveloped stretches of land east of the resettlement site. Long Island has, for years, fallen into disrepair. When fires raged across Manhattan and spread into Long Island following the 2011 and 2012 riots, New Yorkers fled en masse leaving many of their homes and possessions to be consumed by fires.

Now, six years after the fires ended, the US Government has claimed the entirety of Long Island from its private owners for possible Safe Zone expansion. Today the eastern stretches of Long Island are overgrown with vegetation and existing woodlands have expanded to consume the demolished remains of homes and businesses. Though it will be years before the NYC Safe Zone expands eastward, surveyors from Yamagato Industries are already eyeing sites like Fort Hero for future expansion.

ROOSEVELT ISLAND — During a city planning meeting, New York Mayor Caroline Short outlined her plans for the Roosevelt Island Revitalization Initiative. Long abandoned after it was demolished along with the Queensboro Bridge during a July 2012 bombing raid, Roosevelt Island was once a center of community growth and fellowship. Mayor Short unveiled plans to construct new affordable housing for Safe Zone residents across the island in addition to a dedicated school for the instruction and education of SLC-Expressive issues. Yamagato Industries is expected to begin planning and construction on site in early 2019, while affiliated philanthropic organizations such as the Deveaux Society and the Regenesis Foundation have applauded Mayor Short's focus and voiced interest in having a future role in the development of the island.


SAFE ZONE — Mystery surrounds reports of gun violence in Red Hook! Multiple residents of Red Hook's converted Mill District reported sounds of multiple gunshots fired on the night of April 15th. As of the morning of April 16th the 91st Military Police Battalion had cordoned off an entire block surrounding the Brooker Mills apartment complex. We attempted to get eyes on the scene and were turned around by Military police citing the area as an "active crime scene," but refused to give further comment. When we reached out to the office of Major Matthew Olson our calls were not returned. What's happening in our back yard?

This follows a chaotic gun fight on April 2nd in Ferrymen's Bay and reports of a high speed chase leaving Yamagato Park on the night of April 6th! What is the government hiding from us? We at the Safe Zone Siren encourage all citizens of the "Safe" Zone to contact the offices of Mayor Caroline Short and demand transparency on these sensitive issues!

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