02/27/2020 -- Massive Explosion off Virginia Coast

February 27, 2020

KANSAS CITY — North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) confirmed today that seismographs detected a 2.2 kiloton explosion 8 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. NORAD indicated that the nuclear detonation detection system (NDDS) did not detect any evidence to indicate this was a nuclear explosion.

At 2:00 pm jets were scrambled from the newly-constructed Huron Air Force Base in Michigan. At 2:47 pm pilots confirmed wreckage found floating in the Atlantic.

Coast guard vessels were deployed from the New York City Safe Zone and will be scouring the area in the coming days to try and determine the nature of the explosion.

Authorities are not ruling out Expressive involvement. Press Secretary Esme Norton of the Department of Homeland Security and acting Press Secretary of SESA confirmed reports that unusual auroral activity was spotted over the site of the explosion.

The European Space Agency responded, indicating that the magnetosphere disruption that generated the spiral-shaped aurora over the Virginia coast was generated from the Earth, and not from space.

This unusual spiral aurora pattern is the same as the ones seen over what was once Manhattan in late 2018. SESA has yet to confirm an expressive tie to those events, or the visions that occurred across the world during that time and concluded with the disappearance of the auroras.

President Praeger called for "calm and rational thought" in a statement to the press made in Kansas City earlier today, adding that "all available resources" were in place to investigate the matter but that there was no cause for public concern.

The Virginia Beach explosion is the second such blast to rock the east coast in the last six months. In August a massive explosion allegedly caused by an underground coal fire hitting a pocket of natural gas rocked the state of New Jersey and was felt more than a hundred miles away. SESA's investigation of that explosion cited natural causes, but skeptics have questioned whether information on potential Expressive involvement was suppressed by the agency. SESA has declined to comment on the matter.

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