01/24/2020 -- Mazdak Clashes with Turkish Forces

January 24, 2020

ANKARA, TURKEY — For the eight straight day Turkish military forces in the city of Gaziantep clashed with Mazdak fighters entering the country from Syria.

According to sources on the ground, Mazdak's offensive consisted of a primarily SLC-Expressive strike force of multiple units hitting military installations throughout the city. SLC-Expressive fighters are believed to be responsible for the destruction of two long-range missile batteries just outside the city on Wednesday. Friday's fighting culminated in the destruction of more than thirty Turkish tanks and five warplanes downed by electrokinetic activity coming from the rooftop of a downtown hotel.

According to one Turkish military official who wished to remain nameless, the Turkish military employed Geneva-convention banned negation gas on the Mazdak fighters, but according to this source the gas had no effect in spite of the fighters' not being sufficiently protected from exposure to the gas.

Military analyst William Arkin of the New York Times pointed to Mazdak's collection of biochemical research in the late 2010s prior to the solidification of the Confederated State of Iraq. Arkin suggested that Mazdak may have developed a counter-agent to the negation gas, which was heavily deployed against anti-Mitchell forces in the recent civil war in the United States.

An emergency session of the UN was called late Friday to discuss concerns surrounding Mazdak's movement into Turkey echoing their initial foray into Syria prior to that nation's collapse in 2016 and subsequent absorption into Iraq.

It is unclear if Mazdak is operating on directives from Iraq or if these attacks are unrelated.

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