05/27/19 -- Medina Talks Hard in Detroit

May 27, 2019

DETROIT, MI — In front of a crowd of nearly one thousand spectators outside of a recently recommissioned automotive plant, presidential hopeful Frederick Medina delivered an impassioned speech about the return of "American excellence" and a lessening dependency on foreign money and aid.

Medina, who came back strong after a shocking attack at his campaign headquarters in Kansas City on November 7th, has been making the rounds at factories across the United States in preparation for his bid for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential elections. As part of his tour, Medina visited the recently rebuild Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit, where nearly one thousand employees of the recently resurgent Packard Automotive Company.

In the opening of his speech, Medina said that "American excellence isn't an ideal. It isn't a white-pickett fence and loving your neighbor, it's about being an international superpower. It's about having the strongest economy in the world. It's about being a powerhouse of industry and innovation, where everyone has an equal chance at success and equality is measured unilaterally, not by genetics."

Medina is a vocal opponent of private corporations who hire SLC-Expressives in favor over Non-Expressive candidates. While the federal government has begin drafting legislation to put into law anti-discrimination policies based on SLC-Non-Expressive status, no such law yet exists. However, Medina cites early laws drafted to mark SLC-Expressives as a protected status as unfair against Non-Expressive citizens.

Later in his speech, Medina lashed out at Yamagato Industries and Praxis Heavy Industries. "Here we are, a nation of industry with the ability to bounce back from a tragic and overly long conflict, and we're throwing trillions of dollars in American territory to foreign interests so that they can carve up fiefdoms within our own borders. Did the American people vote to give a Japanese corporation like Yamagato Industries a slice of our New York City? No! Did the American people vote to give a portion of the city of San Francisco to Praxis Heavy Industries? No! Did we vote to cut apart our national heritage piece by piece when we could work harder, work together, and build something ourselves? No we did not."

Medina's speech was well-received by the crowd and he is expected to continue his tour in Georgia next week, visiting cities still waiting for government funds to begin long overdue repairs.

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