06/05/19 -- Military Police Engage Suspected Terrorist

June 5, 2019

Before dawn the NYC Safe Zone Military Police, just a week from a transition of power to the NYPD, responded to a call regarding suspicious activity on the border of Yamagato Park.

Military Police arrived at a derelict warehouse on Shell Road between Yamagato Park and Sheepshead Bay. There, Military Police engaged with an unknown assailant who appeared to manifest multiple SLC-Expressive abilities simultaneously, including some form of flight and kinetic manipulation. No military police were hurt in the altercation and the suspect escaped custody.

Within minutes of that call multiple media outlets, including the Safe Zone Siren, were sent video footage from the interior of the Shell Road warehouse showing a woman in black clothing moving from room to room, then utilizing an unknown SLC-Expressive ability to destroy computer hardware.

The authenticity of this video is not known.

Major Matthew Olson of the 91st Military Battalion, in a message delivered to the press indicated that the Military Police could not verify the identify of the suspect at this time, nor the veracity of the call that was placed with the military police.

The identity of the woman in the videos has not been confirmed, and the Military Police indicated that they are pursuing an investigation that will be handed over to the NYPD during their transition of power if further investigation is warranted.

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