02/28/2020 -- Military Terror Attack on Detroit

February 28, 2020

DETROIT, MI — In the late morning hours of February 28th elements of the technology company Praxis Heavy Industries initiated a military offensive against the city of Detroit, Michigan.

Four Zhishengji-12 Qingniao quad-rotor military aircraft launched military drones into the city and were met by US Air Force reservists. The Air Force response was almost immediately shot down and fighter jets were scrambled from Kansas City, Missouri in response.

In the onset of the attack, former Ferrymen and internet celebrity Eve Mas was sighted on traffic cameras at a busy intersection, having caused a traffic incident and attacked a motorist leading to their death. Mas is believed to have died in the ensuing conflict.

The attack, which lasted roughly 40 minutes, involved a ground invasion by heavily armed Praxis Heavy Industries security officers alongside mobile robotic weapon platforms. In the initial assault, it was revealed that the attack was being led by internationally known SLC-E extremist Adam Monroe, the last known surviving founder of the Company.

Monroe's four minute broadcast recited a wealth of pro SLC-E sentiment as well as extremist manifestos aligned with the terrorist group Mazdak.

Calamity was averted in the crisis when 27 minutes into the attack one of the Qingniao aircraft exploded and crashed into the streets, colliding with a second aircraft leading to the destruction of both aircraft.

The suddenness of the attack and the swiftness with which it ended left much of the nation reeling for the last sixteen hours. In the time since, the Department of Homeland Security has informed the Associated Press that a potential release of a biological weapon was thwarted by the sacrifice of former Company agent and Ferrymen Benjamin Ryans, who detonated a missing aboard one of the Qingniao aircraft that resulted in its destruction.

Daria Maples, a spokesperson for DHS, indicated that Ryans appears to have infiltrated the terrorist cell belonging to Monroe and prevented his release of a biological weapon that would have been deployed over Detroit. DHS confirmed that Benjamin Ryans perished in the ensuing explosion.

The Associated Press has also learned that this attack was coordinated, in part, by the terror organization Shedda Dinu, the leadership of which was arrested one day prior in a joint FBI/SESA raid in Rochester New York.

While the full connection behind the attack is uncertain, the Associated Press can confirm that Monroe is believed to have been a long-term infiltrator within Praxis Heavy Industries having leveraged their military hardware and robotics to fund international terrorism like Shedda Dinu and Mazdak.

It is not clear if Monroe was slain during the events in Detroit, but it is expected this will be an ongoing investigation for months, if not years.

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