09/28/18 -- Minnesota Man Missing

September 28, 2018

KABETOGAMA — One man and two children are missing and half a dozen are dead in what local authorities are calling a SLC-Expressive targeted crime. Late Thursday evening the home of Jaiden Morock — widower of the late Remi Davignon-Mortlock — was found in ruins following an enormous explosion from a ruptured gas mane. The bodies of six men in paramilitary gear were discovered by state police when they arrived on the scene.

Neither Mortlock nor his two children were found at the home, but authorities have reason to believe they may have been present during the explosion.

One of the deceased found on site has been identified as Nathaniel Ward, a known member of the anti-SLC-E extremist group Pure Earth. Multiple assault rifles were found at the scene and authorities believe the explosion may have been caused by an altercation on site. Mortlock's whereabouts and the whereabouts of his two children are unknown.

Jaiden Mortlock is a survivor and veteran of the Second American Civil War, photojournalist, and testified for two weeks at the Albany Trials in 2013. Authorities are pursuing all possible avenues in their investigation, but believe that Mortlock may have been targeted for his testimony against numerous members of Humanis First that resulted in numerous convictions of ex-law enforcement and military personnel.

SESA and the FBI are both investigating the explosion with the cooperation of state and local authorities. At present they do not have a known connection to the death of Mortlock's wife earlier this year in an alleged landmine accident.

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