03/29/2021 -- Missing Safe Zone Residents Found Dead

March 29th, 2021

NYC SAFE ZONE — Authorities revealed today that the remains of two missing Safe Zone residents were found in a burned automobile located in the ruins of what was once Queens a quarter mile outside of Phoenix Heights. Police are calling the deaths homicides.

Police responded about 3:30 p.m. Monday to reports of the remains of two people being found in a burned car after locals in eastern Phoenix Heights spotted smoke coming from the ruins of Queens. When Phoenix Heights firefighters arrived on scene they found a vehicle engulfed in flames with two bodies within.

Investigators believe the remains are those of Ingrid M. Ryans (27) and her wife and Sofia Webb (56) of 105 72nd Street in Bay Ridge. The two were last seen on January 28th shortly before fires struck the Turning Leaf Funeral Home and the Rose & Trellis Florist, businesses owned by Webb and Ryans, respectively. Webb and Ryans were reported missing around 6:45 p.m. on January 29th by Ingrid's relative Lucille Ryans.

The positions of the bodies within the vehicle were “consistent with a homicide,” Detective William Danielsen said. “We interviewed people of interest Sunday. We have no solid suspects at this point.”

Police have made no arrests in the deaths, Danielsen said.

Police sent the bodies to the New York City Safe Zone Chief Medical Examiner for autopsies, according to a news release.

Next-of-kin have been notified; however, the medical examiner has not positively identified the remains.

Phoenix Heights Fire Department Arson Investigators are processing the scene, examining evidence and conducting interviews to determine the events leading to these homicides in coordination with the NYPD, according to the release. SESA is expected to get involved as Webb was a registered SLC-Expressive.

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