09/09/2020 -- Mysterious Fire-Related Deaths May Be Connected

The Associated Press
September 9, 2020

Washington, KC (AP) — In a press-conference early Sunday morning, SESA Director of Public Relations Veronica Sawyer confirmed the deaths of 7 individuals from what has been classified a potential SLC-E pyrokinetic event.

SESA was first alerted to these deaths with the passing of Clarence Heartwell (59) in Cedar Rapids, Michigan on September 5th. Heartwell was waiting at a doctor's office when he, according to eyewitnesses, spontaneously combusted. Hospital staff and bystanders tried to put Heartwell out, but he died a short time later of his injuries. Heartwell was SLC-N and no resident at the hospital on that day possessed a known pyrokinetic injury.

Two days later SESA agents from the states of Missouri, Kansas, New York, and Ohio reported similar cases of spontaneous combustion. Review by data analysts uncovered that the deaths all occured on the same time, between 2:35 and 2:55 CST on September 5th. The seven total victims greatly vary in age, gender, and SLC status. The only unifying connection is that they were all present in Washington KC between the dates of April 15th and April 28th of this year.

The deaths are considered a part of an ongoing investigation, but they have not yet been classified as a homicide. SESA is coordinating with the FBI on this case due to the inter-state nature of the murders and the mixed SLC-E/N nature of the victims.

More on this story as it develops.

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