03/31/19 -- Mystery Radio SZ?

By Quentin Frady
March 31st, 2019

The NYC Safe Zone has its share of mysteries. New York City is built on them, from the origin of the Company to the Humanis First conspiracy in big government. But not all of New York's mysteries are so sinister or so large-reaching.

Some of you may have heard shortwave radio chatter flitting over the Safe Zone airwaves after the aurora cleared up and stopped interfering with radio broadcasts in that range. I haven't found anyone who has heard her first broadcasts, but shortwave enthusiasts around the Safe Zone turn in to 220 MHz every night to see if she'll deliver another heartfelt message to her parents and the world.

Readers have been writing in for weeks about the "Lonely Radio" as shortwave enthusiasts are calling her, but there hasn't been enough content to fill an article. Has anyone recorded any of these other broadcasts? Do we know who the Lonely Radio is, who her parents are, and what "work" it is she's doing?

The Siren wants to hear from you, readers!

What other mysteries does the Safe Zone hold?

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