02/23/18 -- National News, February 2018

KANSAS — February 5th, 2018
In a press conference held today, White House Press Secretary Lisa Gilbrand announced plans for the formation of Washington K.C., a geopolitical redistricting of Kansas City apart from both the states of Kansas and Missouri. In her press conference, Gilbrand discussed the long-term plans for the reconstruction of Washington D.C. may take longer than previously estimated.

"What we originally estimated was a ten-year plan for the reconstruction of Washington D.C. may be more like twenty or thirty years. The damage that was done during the civil war is far more extensive than we first estimated, and crews on the ground are making daily reports on their findings. While the Pentagon is still in a state of operations, we're considering all our options with regards to the semi-permanent move of the nation's capital. We won't know more until the spring."

Gilbrand estimates that nearly 97 percent of Washington D.C. rests in a state of ruin after the war, with portions of the city sinking in to the swampland. The D.C. area has been largely uninhabited since 2014, except for a skeleton military presence and the growing reconstruction efforts. Plans to build a D.C. Safe Zone have been put on indefinite hold while the situation is re-evaluated. In the interim, Kansas City will become the independent heart of the US Government and plans to build new governmental facilities within the city are already underway. Construction on these facilities will begin as soon as 2019.

FLORIDA — February 10, 2018
Humanis First cell leader Marshall Wilkins, also known as the Butcher of Gainesville, was killed late Friday evening at the end of a week-long standoff with the FBI. Wilkins had holed up in a cabin in the Everglades for months after the FBI tracked him down following revelations about his involvement in the Gainesville Massacre in 2013 that killed 276 SLC-Expressive people.

Florida Governor Joshua Harding called Wilkins' death, "Cold comfort" to the victims of his brutal terrorism. But he admits that, "The people of Florida, if not the entire United States, will sleep a little easier tonight knowing that a monster like Wilkins no longer haunts their state." Seventeen of Wilkins' forty-two accomplices were taken alive by the FBI and held on multiple charges including terrorism and treason.

TEXAS — February 17, 2018
Chinese manufacturing firm Praxis Heavy Industries has donated 2.6 billion dollars to the city of Galveston to begin its post-war reconstruction. As a part of their bid to help rebuild the troubled Texas city, Praxis has agreed to split the reconstruction effort with local contractors and construction companies in the hopes that it will revitalize the Texas economy.

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