07/11/2021 -- Nuclear Explosion Rocks Iraq


ANKARA, TURKEY—While reports are scarce at this hour, Reuters can confirm through multiple international channels, that an explosion of nuclear origin detonated in the extreme northern province of Amedi in Iraq, on the border of Turkey, at roughly 20:00 hours Local Time. This explosion happened just twenty miles outside of the city of Mosul. There are unconfirmed eye-witness reports of anomalous atmospheric activity preceding the explosion and Reuters is working to confirm these sightings before reporting on them.

Neither the United States' NORAD nor Russian PCBH have been able to confirm any known missile launches at the time of this reporting.

Casualties are unknown at this time and communication in and out of Iraq has been difficult ever since Mazdak's rise to power in the nation.

We will continue to update with information on this ongoing crisis.

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