01/24/2020 -- Plans Announced for Staten Island

January 24, 2020

ALBANY — Board members of the New York Safe Zone Commission concluded a six hour session on Monday morning with a definitive outline for their plans regarding Staten Island. Board chair and Safe Zone Mayor Caroline Short spoke to the press Monday afternoon regarding the proposed 2020 plans.

"Staten Island has and will always be a part of New York City. With the success of the Safe Zone's growth and a desire to continue to expand our borders and rebuild, we will be initiating plans to reintegrate Staten Island into the New York City Safe Zone in 2020." Short went on to discuss plans for the renovation and revitalization of the island, calling to mind the ill-fated 2010 initiative started by the Petrelli administration.

The NYCSZ Commission's plans for Staten Island include the creation of a memorial museum at the site of the Staten Island Lighthouse where the Ferrymen kept SLC-Expressive children in protective custody during the oppressive era leading up to the Second American Civil War. The plan also includes the creation of two new schools and public transportation connections to Staten Island as well as the reconstruction of the Verazanno-Narrows bridge, not in commission since it's destruction by members of Phoenix in 2009 during the efforts to stop the Vanguard terrorist organization. In this plan, Staten Island would be known as the NYC Safe Zone Outer District and become the immigration center for all resettlement into the mainland Safe Zone.

All of this comes ahead of Yamagato Industries proposed 2020 projects roll-out, including completion of the Roosevelt Island revitalization project, the opening of new commerce districts in Jackson Heights, and the reopening of Riker's Island Prison, all scheduled for 2020.

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