02/20/2020 -- Praxis Heavy Industries Coverup?

The Globe and Mail
February 20th, 2020

TORONTO — News of an explosion at a Praxis Heavy Industries research facility in Antarctica has sparked widespread accusations of a coverup across the internet. Reuters journalist Joseph Eldon first raised the speculation into the zeitgeist, citing leaked emails from the PHI-Hack last year. In email correspondence allegedly leaked from secure PHI servers in Shanghai, former Commonwealth Institute executive Erica Kravid (whom the PHI leak alleges worked with Praxis Heavy Industries) claims to have completed a "liquidation" of a research facility in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica dated February 8th of last year.

Eldon claimed that the timing of this explosion — which based on its estimated size could have destroyed all material evidence remaining on-premises — is conspicuously timed with the US' pending investigation. While the veracity of the PHI leak has yet to be confirmed, sources within the US Justice Department who spoke on the terms of anonymity confirm that the information from the leak is being used as a part of the investigation and that they have been independently confirmed as legitimate in an internal taint-test performed by the FBI.

Eldon isn't the only journalist connecting the dots on the Antarctica explosion and many across the world likewise seem unconvinced of the likelihood that this was an incident occurring in a vacuum. Eldon did, however, caution readers not to jump to conclusions about who may have perpetrated the explosion. Though he did challenge people to "find who has the most to gain" from such an act.

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