02/14/19 -- Praxis Heavy Industries' New America

February 14, 2019

Just one week after posting a 2.8 trillion dollar earnings for 2018 at its annual investors call, Praxis Heavy Industries has relaunched its US-branded website today (http://www.praxisheavy.com) with an additional focus on its participation in the Safe Zone Initiative.

Begun in 2016, the Safe Zone Initiative is a partnership of the United States government with Praxis Heavy Industries and Yamagato Industries to revitalize portions of the country hardest hit by the nation's recent civil war. Yamagato Industries famously landed two contracts (one for city of Seattle and the second for New York City) while Praxis Heavy Industries landed a single (but largest) contract for the state of California. Praxis Heavy Industries began construction of the California Safe Zone in 2016 and announced that civilian engineering should be completed by the end of 2019, ahead of the first wave of resettlement volunteers.

On its website, Praxis Heavy Industries calls the California Safe Zone a "a wave of change" that will build "something new and lasting in its wake."

Praxis Heavy Industries is set to unveil new consumer technologies as a part of the 2019 World's Fair.

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