08/31/18 -- Praxis Heavy Industries Stocks Soar

SHANGHAI, CHINA — Praxis Heavy Industries (PXHE) saw a staggering 171 stock increase on Thursday as the manufacturing company announced a sale date for its ZZ-7 autonomous tanks. The Zhizhu-7 is the first production model of an autonomous walking artillery platform designed to supplement ground forces during urban conflict. The ZZ-7 was first demonstrated to investors and the public on June 5th ahead of Praxis' announcement of a sale date for the autonomous weapons.

The surge in Praxis' stock comes alongside promises by the UK and Russia that the nations would commit to the purchase of a fleet of these bleeding edge self-defense machines. The United States is expected to pass on the purchase of ZZ-7 units, in the wake of their ruling on the ban of autonomous weapons used by law enforcement following the conclusion of a years-long civil war.

The Chinese government had already reserved at least 1,000 ZZ-7 unite for military applications, and representatives from Praxis Heavy Industries indicates that orders had come in for more highly specialized variations of the ZZ-7 designed to fight in different terrains.

Praxis CEO Ju-Long Lung-Wei said that "we at Praxis are very proud of our innovations and look to develop new and cutting edge peacekeeping solutions for generations to come" at a conference held in Beijing last week.

The ZZ-7 autonomous artillery platform will go on sale December 11th of this year to government agencies around the world.

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